Monday, June 4, 2012

Goat-Milk Kidware Review

As the mama of a little girl, I have LOTS of fun shopping!  My little one has pastel clothes, bright clothes, stripes, polka dots, and, of course, TONS of flower patterns.  But sometimes I just want to put my little one in something simple and comfortable.  And really, that's when her natural beauty comes shining through! 

Goat-Milk Kidware is a children's clothing company that I just recently found but have absolutely fallen IN LOVE with!  They make mostly children's "under things."  As their website states, "Goatmilk was created from a desire to dress our children in beautifully crafted, simple clothes. Inspired by European classics, we allowed form to follow function and quality to be the foundation on which we build. Goatmilk Kidware offers a pared down collection of children’s underwear. Made of 100% organic, prewashed cotton and produced with a resolute commitment to quality, fair trade and the environment."

I love the fact that their clothing line is "pared down."  Its simple, comfy, organic, and EXTREMELY beatiful!

The great folks at Goat-Milk Kidware sent my little one 2 pieces of clothing to review - and I ADORE both of them!

First, we received this lovely 100% Organic Cotton, Prewashed, Striped Girl's Tank...

This shirt is really well made.  Its snug and looks really comfy. It could be worn with jeans or shorts or paired with a little black or red skirt and a little cardigan for an adorable "dressy" outfit!  And my little one looks so adorable in the black and white stripes!  Don't you agree...

The second item we received was this 100% Organic, Prewashed, Ribbed Tank Onesie...

Again, this onesie is so well-made and comfy!  I love that this could be used as pajamas for a warm summer night.  You could also use it with a little skirt or pair of pants and a short sleeve or long sleeve cardigan for an adorable look.  A white onesie is SO versitile!

And, as if the clothes weren't beautiful enough, they were packaged beautifully too!  My little one's clothes came in this ADORABLE Goat-Milk bag! 

Its got a snap closure in the back, so its definitely resueable!  The first thing that came to mind when I saw this little bag is that it would be PERFECT for traveling!  My little one's socks, tights, etc are so small and I can NEVER find them in her luggage bag when we are on a trip.  I always end up having to pull everything out of the bag to find the pair of socks I'm looking for.  Not anymore!  I can put all of my little one's socks, tights, etc. in this bag and place it in her luggage!  My life just got a little easier!  ;)

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