Monday, June 18, 2012

NiGi USA Children's Clothing Review

I recently came across a children's clothing company called NiGi USA and I immediately fell in love!  NiGi was originally started by 2 sisters (Nichole and Giselle, ie. "NiGi") in their home in Trinidad and Tobago and recently expanded to the USA, whith Nichole and Giselle's younger sister Danielle and her husband Dwight heading up the expansion.

What makes NiGi USA so unique - and beautiful - is that all of their pieces are hand painted!  That means that every piece is UNIQUE!!!  How cool is that!  I love to give my little one something that is unique and special!!!

The awesome folks at NiGi USA were kind enough to send my little one a dress to review.  The dress came wrapped in this lovely little packaging...

I love when a company takes time to package their items in a lovely manner!

The dress that my little one received was this lovely pink dress from their Carousel Collection...

And look how sweet it looks on her!!! -

I love this dress!  Its so precious and looks so comfy!  My little one immediately started swinging back an forth to make the dress "twirl."

And it looks just as adorable from behind...

Look how it flares just slightly.  So pretty!

And check out the lovely, perfect stitching...

In short, this dress is just precious!  Its well-made and the painting on it so so lovely and sweet!  And It awesome that each item is hand painted!!!  My little one loves it too!  She couldn't stop looking at the adorable fruit and the cute designs around the neck of the dress.  And, as I mentioned, she loves "swaying" in it!

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