Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WoombieAIR Review

You may have seen the reviews I did previously on the Woombie Toddler Eco Donut and the Woombie Lil' Peanut Doll.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these items!  We use the Eco Donut all the time!  Its a life saver!  And my daughter LOVES the doll (Lucy).  :)  So, I was thrilled when the folks at Woombie asked me to do another review.  This time it was their BRAND NEW item - the Woombie AIR!!!

Woombie Air
photo courtesy of Woombie.com

Now, if you've never heard of the Woombie before, let me just tell you - It's AWESOME!!!!  "The Woombie was designed by a RN & Certified Infant Care Specialist, providing the safest and most comfortable swaddle for your baby. Gently hugging the shoulders & tummy, the Woombie allows for natural movement of the arms, legs and hips- softly cocooning baby without restricting mobility or development."

I was thrilled when the Woombie AIR arrived!  I mean, look how cute it is!!!!!!!!!

The Woombie AIR:
  • Allows for proper ventilation
  • Excess heat easily escapes, allowing proper regulation of body temperature
  • Safer than over wrapping with blankets
  • Easy to use!
  • Perfect for all 4 Seasons, dress/undress baby underneath as needed
  • Patent Pending Design

  • This is the PERFECT Woombie for our little one, since we live in a very warm climate.  (Just to give you a little perspective, tomorrow is December 5th and the forecast is a high of 79 degrees.  Whew!)  :)  The Woombie AIR keeps your baby swaddled safely, yet allows that excess heat to escape so that the the body can properly regulate temperature.  And you can dress your baby in long sleeves, etc if its chillier and you still want to use the Woombie AIR, so its perfect for all seasons!  WooHoo! 

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