Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monkey Stitch Etsy Shop Review

I've got another GREAT Etsy shop to share with you guys today!!!  (Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Etsy?)  Monkey Stitch is a fabulous shop that sells all sorts or wonderful, handmade kids' items!  And the wonderful owner of Monkey Stitch was kind enough to send me several items for review!

The first item I received was adorable "Big Sis" t-shirt...

How cute is this shirt!  I love that the dots for both the "i's" are buttons!  And the fabrics that she used are so sweet!!!  My big girl is gonna look so cute in this shirt when her little sister comes!!!

I also received this awesome set of "taggie" items...

Now, I've seen the little taggie squares before.  They are so cute.  And babies love to play with them.  But she also included a taggie bib and a taggie pacifier clip!  I think that's just brilliant!!!  Babies love to have something to occupy their hands and since the bib and the clip are both right at baby's hand-level they are perfect as taggie items!

Next, I received this cute burp cloth...

As I've mentioned before, I am a FIRM BELIEVER in the fact that cloth diapers make THE BEST burp cloths.  But its a bumber that most cloth diapers are just plain white.  I love that she's taken a cloth diaper and "dressed it up" so that its a cute and fashionable burp cloth!

And lastly, just so mama doesn't feel left out, she included these awesome hair ties...

These hair ties are just awesome!  She sells them in all sorts of color ranges!  And I love that the card they come on says things like "Use for Yoga," "Use for Baking," "Use for Dancing," etc!  The set I received says "Use for Labor."  How awesome is that!!!  These babies are going right into my hospital bag for the delivery!  And what a great addition to any baby shower gift!!!  Make up a little basket of items for a baby shower and throw a set of these in there!  How cool would that be!!!

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