Tuesday, August 2, 2016

LuLaRoe Clothing Review, Featuring Jessica Harris (Giveaways As Well!)

It's time for another LuLaRoe feature!  This time I'm featuring the lovely Jessica Harris.  Jessica and I have some lovely pieces to show you!  But first, a little about LuLaRoe!  LuLaRoe is a new clothing line for EVERY WOMAN!  They have clothing in sizes 0-24!!!  Their clothing is all insanely comfy, cute, versatile, and modest!  These are all characteristics that make LuLaRoe a great clothing line!  Oh, and did I mention its all reasonably priced!?! Leggings are $25, most shirts are $35, and most skirts and dresses are between $40 and $60!  And each lovely LuLaRoe consultant carries different styles and/or patterns, so it's always good to follow new consultants!

Let's see what Jessica has to show us today!

First off, the Cassie!!!

I'm gonna be really honest.  I wasn't sure about the Cassie.  I'm a big girl and just don't feel comfortable in skirts.  Especially straight skirts.  But this beauty arrived and I fell in love!  First of all... elastic waist band!  My best friend!  And its not super short!  I can't stand when I find a cute dress or skirt but its so short that, when you sit down, you feel like you're on display!  The Cassie is modest AND fashionable! And so cute!!! This particular one is red and blue striped!

Next, the solid color Irma!

Now, this Irma is pretty big.  I chose a Large, but now I'm thinking I could've done a Medium. But the brilliance of the LuLaRoe line is its versatility!  (And its stretchiness!) You can tie the bottom of the Irma into a know and wear it with the Cassie!

Update: After writing this review, I got myself a Medium Irma and LOVED it!!!  You really DO size down two sizes with the Irma!  But you can also size up and tie a knot in the shirt...

Or you can tuck it in the Cassie and wear it that way!  So many wonderful choices!  And its always great with leggings because it gives you great coverage!

Jessica also sent 2 of the pieces from the kids' line!  That's right!  LuLaRoe also has kids' clothing!

The Gracie shirt, like the adult Irma, is longer in the back!  This makes it ADORABLE and great to pair with leggings!

And the leggings, like the adult leggings, are soft and adorable!

My daughter has not wanted to take this outfit off!  She just loves it!  And she loves the fact that she gets to dress like mommy too!  And I love that the clothes don't make her look older.  One of the issues I have with little girl clothes is that most of the skirts, dresses and shorts are WAY too short and the clothes are made to make them look older than they are.  I hate that.  LuLaRoe kids clothing is ADORABLE, modest, and comfy!  That's a win in my book!!!

I loved the wide variety of items that Jessica carries!  If you're interested in shopping - or just checking LuLaRoe out, join Jessica's Facebook page at LuLaRoe Jessica Harris.  You can alos follow her on Instagram @lularoejessicaharris .

I received these clothes, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.

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