Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LuLaRoe Review, Featuring Tina Moore (Giveaways As Well)

LuLaRoe feature time!  This time I'm featuring the wonderful Tina Moore!  She has a FABULOUS shop full of fun and great clothes!  Tina sent me a lovely letter, along with my review package, where she told me a little bit about her "why."  After raising two great kids, Tina's now in a new phase in her life.  And she wanted to do something for herself.  But she also wanted to do something that would allow her to give to others.  Inter LuLaRoe!  

And Tina's LuLaRoe shop is FULL OF FUN!!!  For example, this past Saturday everyone that bought a skirt or dress got a free pair of leggings! How awesome is that!!! When Tina and I discussed this review, I gave her some hints as to colors and patterns that I like and she surprised me with some fabulous items!  First up, these GORGEOUS leggings!!!

I LOVE yellow!  Its such a happy color!  And these leggings are just perfect for me!  Buttery goodness!  The softest clothes I've ever worn!  Tina also sent this grey Perfect T...

The perfect T is my best friend!  It flows out at the waist to hide all my flaws (or should I say, rolls). And its so comfy!  Plus, its long enough to make me feel covered while I'm wearing my leggings!  (PS, how cute are my mustard yellow Tieks with these yellow leggings!  Tina and I are both HUGE Tieks fans, so I knew she'd appreciate that!)  Lastly, Tina sent me this lovely royal blue Madison skirt and a navy blue stripped Classic T.

I love that she sent these two as an "outfit!"  I never would've put these two together. (I'm not great at pattern and color mixing.) But I love them together!  They're so fun!  The Madison skirt is amazing because you can throw on a Classic T and some flip flops for a fun, casual look.  Or you could put on a nice blouse and a pair of heels for a more professional look!  Either way, its comfy!

If you'd like to check out Tina's lovely shop (and also sign up for some fabulous giveaways), you can do so here: LuLaRoe Lovelies Tina & Noelle.  You can also follow Tina on Instagram @lularoeloveliestina.

I received clothing, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.

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