Monday, May 28, 2012

AllyZabba Blanket Review sells some of the most adorable and comfy baby blankets EVER!  As their website states: "At AllyZabba, we craft each reversible baby blanket with both a silky and plush fabric to provide comfort and care to each child. Designed specifically to replicate the texture of a mother’s womb, our soft, silky blankets are created for babies, newborns and children of all ages.  A grateful doula recently sent over the following praise for AllyZabba’s unique creations:'You’ve got this one right. I use silky blankets with my client’s children and once the kids see the blanket they start getting sleepy. A silky blanket is the one thing I tell new parents that they actually need for their newborn.'"

This is such a brilliant idea!  I can't believe I never thought of it!  As new moms, we are always looking for ways to make our little babies feel more comfortable - swaddling them so they feel like they're in the womb, giving them toys that mimic the sound of mom's heartbeat, etc.  So why not give them a blankie that "feels" like mommy too!!!  The folks at AllyZabba even suggest that mom use the blanket for a couple of hours before giving it to her little one. - That way the blanket will not only feel like mommy, but smell like her too!

I received this lovely travel-sized blanket for review. Its 16"x14", so its perfect for the car, stroller, or just for your little one to use as a little security blanket. As your little one gets older, she can use this little blanket to tuck her favorite doll in at night! :)      (The larger blanket measures 34"x28'.)

I love that the blanket came tucked in this lovely little draw-string bag - ready to give as a gift! Also inside the bag is an information card about AllyZabba blankets and how to care for them.  (There's no confusion on how to clean these blankets!  The card CLEARLY states: "Wash In Cold Water, Line Dry, DO NOT IRON.") 

The blanket I received had a plush brown side and a silky polka dot side - so lovely and SO SOFT!!!

They have some REALLY cute patterns for their blankets, like the adorable polka dot blanket that we received and this SUPER CUTE dino pattern for boys...

The AllyZabba Dino Blanket
Seriously!  How cute is this!!!  :)

And, once again, I LOVE finding companies that do charitable work!  AllyZabba supports The Westside Pregnancy Clinic and Project Night Night.  To find out more about these projecs, you can click HERE.

To check out AllyZabba for yourself - and buy a blanket for your little one, click HERE.

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