Thursday, December 12, 2013

Uncle Goose United States Blocks

OK moms!  If you are anything like me, you are always on the quest for the best gifts for your little ones!  I want things that are unique, well-made, will last a long time, are educational AND fun!  That's a hard list to fill, but I've done it!  Uncle Goose has some AMAZING blocks!!!!  And they've gone WAY past the traditional alphabet and number blocks - although they have those too and they are also amazing!  But they've taken the learning block to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with their United States Blocks!!!

These little blocks are just AMAZING!!!  (Have I said that already?  Well, it needs to be said again - a few times.  Seriously.  I'm in love!)  Check out all the amazing features of these blocks!  First, they come in this nice cardboard box (shown above), but they also have their very own wooden tray to keep them neatly packed away!  And each block has TONS of info!  First, its got the abbreviations for that state...

You can't see it in the picture above, but around the abbreviation, it has
1.) the state nickname
2.) the state bird,
3.) the state flower
4.) and the state tree
For example, Delaware's block has the abbreviation "DE" and it says "The First State," "Blue Hen Chicken," Peach Blossom," and "American Holly."
Then its got the full name and a picture of the state on one side...

Its also got the state Capital and the date that state entered the Union...

And if that wasn't enough, its also got the number of the state (as in the order it entered the union)...

And lastly, it has either the state flower, tree, animal, pictured on one side...
Again, seriously!  AMAZING!!!!  I can't stop looking at these blocks!  They are so well made and so educational!!!!  They are great for personal use, homeschooling, or for any teacher to have in their school room!!!!!  Oh!  And they are handmade - where?  In the USA, of course!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!!

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