Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cindy's Discovery Toys Sunshine Market Review

I love finding new toys for my little one!  I love to see her face light up when she sees a new surprise.  When that surprise is not only fun, but educational as well, that just thrills me to no end!  So I was very excited when I was contacted by Cindy's Discovery Toys!  Discovery Toys are geared toward learning as well as fun!

Cindy was awesome enough to send my little one the Sunshine Market for review...

Pairendipty Matching Mommy and Daughter Shoes Review & PROMO CODE!!!

OK mommies of little girls, have you heard of Parendipity?  If not, I'm about to BLOW YOUR MINDS and make your day!!!  Pairendipty is a company that makes matching shoes for mommies and daughters!  That's right!  You know how your little one always wants to be like mommy?  Well, now she can!!!

California Innovations Diaper Bag and Soft Cooler Review

With a new baby on the way, I am always looking for a "better" diaper bag. - One that holds everything my baby needs.  California Innovations has an incredible diaper bag!  Its called the Ultra Light Hobo Diaper Bag!  So what makes this bag so awesome?  We,  it fits a TON of stuff!!! 

Kidorable Dancer Bookends Review

Have you heard of Kidorable?  Its an adorable, or should I say "kidorable" kids company!  They sell rain coats, rain boots, and other outdoor wear.  But they also sell some absolutely fantastic indoor things, like bookends.  The fantastic folks at Kidorable were kind enough to send us a set of their Dancer Bookends to review...

PB Crave Peanut Butter Review

I love finding new, interesting, and healthy snack items for my little one - and myself, so I was THRILLED when PB Crave contacted me about reviewing their fabulous peanut butter!  But this is no ordinary peanut butter!  NO WAY!  PB Crave takes peanut butter to a whole new, INCREDIBLE level! 

The Happy Plate Review

I love finding new and creative dinnerware for my little one to use.  I especially love when it also encourages healthy eating habits!  The Happy Plate does both of those things!!!

This plate is great because it teaches your kids about proper portions and a balanced meal.  I also love that it helps me as I dish out my little one's meals!  I often find myself forgetting something, like a fruit or a grain.  Now, that's not horrible in and of itself.  Every meal isn't gonna have all of those things.  But sometimes I find myself thinking, "When was the last time I fed her a healthy grain?"  This plate helps remind me of what I need to do to give my angel a balanced meal!

Velata Fondue Review

Ok.  I love chocolate.  I'm just gonna start this review by making that perfectly clear.  I love chocolate.  I can't say that enough.  I really love chocolate!  So, you can imagine how THRILLED I was when Kim from Velata Fondue contacted me about doing a review!  I was seriously elated!!!  :)

The folks at Velata have discovered an easier way to make delicious fondue!  You see, Velata was invented by the folks at Scentsy!  They decided that, just like with their fragrance warmers, they could make a fondue pot that was a plug-in chocolate warmer!  OH GLORY!!!

How brilliant is that!!!  I chose to receive the Curve Velate Fondue Warmer in Blue Razz.  Each warmer also comes with 4 matching fondue forks!

Tiny Love Follow Me Fred and Super Mat Review

You may remember that, a couple of months ago, I did a review of the Tiny Love Sunny Stroll.  We love that item!  Its so much fun for baby and so versatile!  Well, the AWESOME folks at Tiny Love were kind enough to send a couple more items for review!  The first item we received was the Super Mat...
(Picture, courtesy of the Tiny Love website)

This mat is so big, it was hard for me to get a picture, so I just took a picture of it in its packaging!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hullabalu Toys Intro


I love finding new and creative toys for my kids!  Recently, I was contacted by a brand new toy company called Hullabalu.  They have been busy creating fun stuffed animals for little ones to enjoy!  Their toys aren't up for sale yet, but I wanted to give all of my readers a heads-up!  Hullabalu has been drawing inspiration from some other fabulous toy companies, like Melissa & Doug!  They sent me this adorable Melissa & Doug teddy bear to demonstrate what kind of quality toys they hope to make in their new company...

Natures Paradise Baby Products Review

I remember when my first little one was born.  She had a HORRIBLE case of cradle cap.  She also suffered with some pretty rough diaper rashes.  I'm convinced that the harsh chemicals in most baby bath products were to blame.  Thankfully, I've found a new company with some great products for out upcoming baby - Natures Paradise Organics!  Their products have NO CHEMICALS - NO TOXINS - NO PETROLEUM - NO SYNTHETICS - NO PARABENS - NO PHTHALATES - NO BPA - and NO SULFATES!!!  WooHoo!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Small Concept Toddler Outfit Review

As I have mentioned so many times before, I LOVE shopping for clothes for my little one.  I'd rather shop for baby and toddler clothes than for my own!  Haha!   And once again, I've found a GREAT online shop that has some wonderful baby and toddler clothes - Small Concept!  Their mission is simple: "to provide quality products and deliver only the best in customer service."  The awesome folks at Small Concept were kind enough to send my little one this Stun Cheer Tunic with Lemon Capri Leggings for review -

DP (de-pee) Stain & Odor Remover Review

We recently started potty training our little sweetheart.  We are taking it slowly, but I'm sure we are going to have a few accidents along the way.  And, well, we have carpet.  I've never wished we had hardwoods so much in my life!  Haha!  I don't look forward to the accidents on the carpet, but they are just part of potty training.  Thankfully, I found DP Stain & Odor Remover...


"Environmentally friendly formula for use on car seats, strollers, bedding, mattresses, clothing, carpets, upholstery, furniture, flooring, and more. Proprietary Bio-Enzymatic Formula™ works to instantly and permanently remove stains and odors caused by potty accidents, spitting-up, food stains, kid stains, pet stains, and much, much more."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jack & Lily Baby Shoes Review

As a mom, I'm always looking for quality items for my kids.  Shoes, in particular, are important to me.  You see, a cheap shirt may wear out quickly, but won't really do any harm.  Bad shoes, however, can actual cause your little one harm. Doctors say that young children who are learning to walk should actually go barefoot.  It helps their bodies grow right, etc.  Of course, we all know that you can't always go barefoot - especially if you're outside or in an unfamiliar setting - so shoes with soft, flexible soles are suggested.  Jack & Lily Shoes fit this description perfectly!

The wonderful folks at Jack & Lily were kind enough to send my impending arrival a couple of pairs of shoes to review!  I received their Original in Solid Cream in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months...

BG Birthing Gown Review

I remember when I gave birth to my first little blessing.  I wasn't really thrilled to be wearing that typical hospital gown that they make you wear.  Its ugly.  Its not super comfy.  And, if you want to get up to walk or go to the restroom, well, you are gonna flash the world!  (Those gowns don't really have great coverage - especially for a pregnant woman!)

I asked my OB if I could wear what I wanted this time.  She told me "yes and no."  The reason they want you to wear those hospital gowns is because they have buttons at the shoulders - in case you need or want to change your gown during labor.  That way they don't have to take your IV, etc. out for you to change your gown.  They also like them opened in the back so that you can easily get an epidural, etc. - if that's what you need or desire.

Thankfully, with this baby, I can have the best of both worlds!  I can wear a SUPER comfy gown of my own while still complying with the medical staff's wishes.  How?  With the BG Birthing Gown!



Photo courtesy of the
BG Birthing Gown website

Bambino Balls Toddler Football Shirt Review

I don't know about your house, but at our house, we are HUGE sports fans!  We love college football, NFL, MLB, international soccer, etc.  We watch a lot of sports!  And I'm always on the lookout for cute "sportsy" clothing for my little toddler to wear.  Well, I've found a great place to shop! - Bambino Balls! 

Bambino Balls is a great website that was created by sports fan and dad. -
"I'm a sports fanatic and came up with the idea for Bambino BallsTM while holding my baby in the "football" position. Bambino BallsTM is the perfect gift for sports fans who are expecting or who already have small children. It's a great way to dress up your kids in your favorite sports theme and share your love of the games." - Clint Greenleaf -- Founder

The awesome folks at Bambino Balls were kind enough to send me a toddler t-shirt to review...


HIS-Child Maternity Shirt Review

I have found the most wonderful maternity store!  Its called HIS-Child Christian Maternity and Baby Clothing.  The folks at HIS-Child were kind enough to send me a maternity shirt to review!  I received this lovely Sky Blue T-Shirt...

(Picture courtesy of HIS-Child website)
This shirt is so soft and comfy!!!  Its made of 100% cotton!  But the best part of this t-shirt is what it says!  The top of the shirt has the words "For this child I have prayed..."  And the bottom of the shirt has the Bible verse's reference - 1 Samuel 1:27...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Witjuti Bamboo Clothing Review

OK, I am SOOO excited about this review!!!!  I've found some FABULOUS maternity/nursing clothes from a wonderful Australian company called Witjuti.  Bare with me a second and let me give you a little quote from their website:
"Witjuti Bamboo Clothing range was created after founder and designer, Banika Smee, was working at home with her new baby boy. After sleepless nights, and being woken up to delivery drivers knocking at the door at 10am to find she was still in her PJ’s and just got out of bed, Banika thought all she wanted was to be able to wear something that did not look like her PJ’s, and still had support and comfort that she needed. She wanted to be able to go straight to the supermarket, do a yoga class, or go for a walk without having to change into uncomfortable clothing, especially after having a caesarean and while breastfeeding!"

I know how she feels!  I think every woman who has had a baby knows that feeling!  I'm feeling it right now - and I'm just a few months pregnant!  But I want to be comfy and yet not look like I'm wearing pajamas all day.  Witjuti has solved that problem for me! 

Banika sent me 3 items to review.  The first item I received was this lovely Singlet Top in black...

"palirika" singlet top with support bra/nursing access

My Fairytale Books "The Story of Christmas" Book Review & PROMO CODE

You may remember that several months ago I did a review of My Fairytale Books.  I LOVE the book my little one received from them!  Its a book about giving thanks, so I've saved it as special treat for the month of November!

Well, the AWESOME folks at My Fairytale Books were kind enough to send another book for review!  This time I chose "The Story of Christmas." -

Monday, October 1, 2012

Well Baby Tummy Time Mat Review

As a mom, I love finding new an innovative products for my little one.  Now that I'm expecting my second blessing, I'm finding some awesome products that I wish I'd had with my first!  One of those products is the Well Baby Tummy Time Mat...

Tummy time is an integral part of an infant's development.  It helps build neck and upper body strength and encourage developmental milestones like rolling over and crawling.  Unfortunately, most tummy time mats don't seem to help with these developmental milestones.  Think about it, in order to learn how to crawl, etc., an infant needs a little bit of traction - something they WON'T get on a soft mat made of silky cloth.

The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat is different! This tummy time mat was invented by a pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Dana.  Dr. Dana took into account infant ergonomics, developmental stages, and even proper materials!

Lugz Allertons Review

I'm so excited to being doing another review for Lugz!  They are a fabulous shoe company!  About 3 months ago, they sent my husband a pair of their Drifter Lo Ballistic work boots to review.  Those shoes are great for work!  This time, they were kind enough to send a pair of Allertons for review...

These shoes are pretty cool!  They come in several versions of grey and black, so there's lots to choose from! 

Kivelli Baby Bathrobe

About a month and a half ago, I did a review of a precious little baby travel blanket.  I came from a company called Kivelli Baby.  I love that blanket!  Its soft, stylish, ADORABLE, and even has a little pocket to carry an extra pacifier or teether!  Such an inventive idea!

The folks at Kivelli Baby were kind enough to ask me to review another item for them - their Bathrobe Collection.  I received this sweet bathrobe to review...


Cheeky Britches Infant Outfit Review

Once again, I've found another FABULOUS children's clothing company!  And I'm not going to keep it to myself!  No, I'm going to share it with all of my wonderful readers - its an Australian company called Cheeky Britches. 

Their website states...
"Cheeky Britches is an Australian owned babies and children’s fashion label. At Cheeky Britches we’re all about creating original designs for baby and children’s wear from various cultures around the world without compromising quality. Every range is inspired by a different country to ensure originality and vibrancy amongst our label. All of our clothes are made from natural and organic fibres to ensure your little one is comfortable and looking super cute at the same time."

I received this absolutely adorable outfit from their Japanese Blossom Collection to review...

All-Ett RFID Security Wallet Review

You may remember a review I did about 3 months ago for a company called All-Ett.  All-Ett is a wonderful company that makes "the world's thinnest wallet."  And, their wallets are made in the USA!!!  WooHoo!!!  I loved the wallet I received from them, so I was THRILLED when they contacted me about doing another review!!!

This time, I'm reviewing an incredibly unique and fascinating wallet - the RFID Security Wallet!!!