Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cool Gear Inc. Christmas Review

You may remember my previous review of Cool Gear Inc. They have some pretty AWESOME cups, travel mugs, and even toddler bottles!  I was THRILLED when the folks at Cool Gear asked me to review a couple of their Seasonal Items!

I received this super cute Christmas Tree Coffe Mug...
15oz coffee with reversible band red

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shupeas Review

I'm always looking for good, quality shoes for my babies.  The problem is, quality shoes are expensive and babies outgrow shoes in a minute!  Ouch!  Well, enter Shupeas...

Magnolia Organics Review

I recently found a fabulous little company called Magnolia Organics.  They make some great organic, eco-friendly bedding products!  The lovely folks at Magnolia Organics were kind enough to send me a couple of items for review.  First I received a set of their Essential's Collection Queen-sized Sheets in Clearwater...

Tommee Tippee Baby Products Review

You may remember my 2 previous Tommee Tippee reviews of toddler items.  (You can check them out HERE and HERE.)  Well, as you may have guessed, I LOVE Tommee Tippee products!  They are very well made and very useful!  The lovely folks at Tommee Tippee were kind enough to send me several baby products for review...

Apple & Bee Fold Out Review

Have you heard of Apple and Bee?  They sell some incredible organic bags!  They have makeup bags, diaper bags, totes, - even a men's toiletries bag!  The awesome folks at Apple & Bee were kind enough to send me their Lovehearts Fold Out for review...

Assessables Newborn Bodysuits Review

I remember when my first baby was born.  The doctor told us to allow the umbilical cord area to air-dry.  That was difficult.  I wanted to put her in one piece outfits because those would be the warmest, but that didn't allow her cord to air dry.  Also, a shirt and pants still covered up the cord as well. Ugh!  Thankfully, I've recently found the solution: Assessables Newborn Bodysuits...

Yoomi Lambi Review

You may remember my previous review of the Yoomi Self-Warming Baby Bottle.  Those bottles are FABULOUS!  Well, I've got another great Yoomi review for you today!  - The Yoomi Lambi!

This little lamb is SOOOO ADORABLE!!!!  And I love that, if you are on the Yoomi site to buy baby bottles for your baby or for a baby shower, you can also buy a gift for your toddler - this sweet Lamb!  One stop shopping!  :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jack n' Jill Natural Toothpaste and Toothbrush Review

With Christmas coming, I'm always looking for great stocking stuffers for my toddler.  I like to balance things out - give her some candy and toys and also some necessities like soap, etc.  I always like to put a new toothbrush and some toothpaste in there.  This year, I've chosen Jack n' Jill's Natural Toothpaste... Review

Lately I've been thinking about my family's use of plastics - especially in the kitchen.  Plastics are not environmentally friendly, often contain some pretty dangerous and poisonous chemicals, and are, well, expensive.  I mean, think about it - plastic sandwich bags, plastic straws, etc.  You have to buy them over and over and over again.  And that gets pricy.  Lately though, I've found a great solutionreplacement for plastic straws - Glass Straws!  They don't contain those nasty poisons, so they are safer!  And they are reusable, so they are environmentally AND wallet friendly!!!  WhooHoo!!!

The awesome folks at were kind enough to send me a variety of straws for review! They have all sorts of straws to choose from! 

Bent Straws...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deep Steep Candy Mint Foot Care Products Review

Looking for a GREAT stocking stuffer? Well, look no further!  What could be better than a little pampering for the tootsies!  Check out Deep Steep's line of Candy Mint Foot Care products!  The folks at Deep Steep were kind enough to send me their Dynamic Duo Gift Set and their Candy Mint Foot Polish...

Climb On 100% Pure Intensive Skincare Review

Looking for a great stocking stuffer?  How about some 100% pure, intensive skincare therapy!  Check out Climb On products!  The nice folks at Climb On were kind enough to send me 2 products for review: the Climb On Mini Bar for Men and the Climb On Creme


Tiny Tot Organics and BURP Bamboo Toddler Towel Review

You may remember my previous review of Tiny Tot Organics.  This is a great little online shop that chooses their inventory very carefully - making sure its environmentally friendly and safe for you and your kids!  Well, I've got another great item from their store to review today! - The BURP Bamboo Hooded Toddler Towel...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sparkle Bright Review

OK, who has jewelry that needs to be cleaned?  Who hates having to constantly drive to a jewelry store to have it cleaned?  Who also hates the clean-at-home jewelry cleaners that have all those nasty, smelly, dangerous chemicals?  If you answered yes to all those questions - like I did - then have I got a treat for you! - Sparkle Bright Jewelry Cleaner!!!


Sibu Sea Buckthorn Soap Review

I love finding new, natural skincare products to try, so I was thrilled when Sibu Beauty contacted me about a review!  Their products are made from this fabulously nutritious little fruit called Sea Buckthorn.  (You can find out more about the benefits of Sea Buckthorn HERE.)  The awesome folks at Sibu were kind enough to send me one of their Cleanse and Detox Face and Body Bars to review...

Pacific Baby Review

I've recently become very concerned about the products I use - especially with my kids.  That's why I was thrilled to find Pacific Baby online!  They make some wonderful, safe, environmentally friendly, convertible baby bottles.  That's right!  CONVERTIBLE!  They grow with your baby!!!!

Comotomo Baby Bottle Review

Have you ever heard of Comotomo?  I hadn't until recently.  Boy!  I wish I'd known about their FABULOUS baby bottles when I had my first child!  The folks at Comotomo were kind enough to send me a couple of bottles to review...


Monday, December 10, 2012

Moringa Source Review

OK, I had never heard of Moringa before.  Have you?  If you haven't, here's a little info: "Moringa oleifera is a species of tree native to the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India, now cultivated across Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Packed with a full spectrum of nutrients, Moringa oleifera is the most nutrient-dense plant ever studied."

I found this info on the Moringa Source website.  I also found some pretty neat products! 

Floppy Seat Review

OK moms, pop quiz time!  Which is nastier: a public restroom or a shopping cart?  I think the answer may shock you!  According to a University of Arizona study shopping carts failed more hygiene tests than public restrooms!  54% of them contained bodily fluid and 21% tested positive for blood, mucus, saliva, or urine.

All of a sudden I feel an OVERWHELMING desire to go out and buy about a dozen shopping cart covers!  Seriously!  I mean, I'm not "miss over-protective mama" but who wants their child sitting in that!!!???!!!  Thankfully, I've found a FABULOUS, convenient, adorable new cover - the Floppy Seat! 

Novena Maternal Skincare Review and PROMO CODE

Recently I've become more concerned about the products I use on my face.  There's so much junk out there.  And being pregnant, my skin has gotten even that much more sensitive.  Thankfully, I recently discovered Novena Maternal Skincare.  That's right!  Its skincare developed especially for pregnant women!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

BURP Hooded Bamboo Baby Towel Review

I recently discovered the wonders of bamboo.  Did you know that bamboo makes a WONDERFUL towel? Its WAY more absorbent than cotton, its antibacterial, and its SUPER SOFT!  And I've found a company that sells an amazing bamboo bath towel - Baby U R Precious.  They were kind enough to send me one of their hooded baby bath towels for review...

Fluf Lunch Bag and Snack Bags Review

OK folks!  I am SUPER EXCITED about this review!  Seriously!  I'm not kidding!  In fact, the products just arrived this morning and I'm already doing the review!  I just couldn't wait!  That's how AWESOME this company is!  So what's it called? - Fluf!  That's right.  Fluf.  How cute is that!  You can check out the story of Fluf and its two creators HERE, but to make a long story short, they make fabulously chic, well-crafted, sustainable products, like these...

BuggyLOVE Review

OK, I received a review item that just BLEW ME AWAY - the BuggyLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit!  This thing is seriously awesome!  All of the products are natural and organic.  And I've never seen another company that makes products intended for cleaning strollers!

Silisipper Review

My little one has reached that age where we're working on using a real cup instead of a sippy cup.  Our pediatrician suggested buying some of those small disposable cups (like you use in the bathroom) to help her. Well, I did it - even though I'm not big on buying the disposable cups (for environmental and monetary reasons).  The first few times I gave one of those cups to her - with some water in it - she turned it almost completely upside down and all the water spilled out.  Well, she didn't like that very much and refused to drink from the cups after that.  Thankfully, I've found a solution - the Silisipper!!!

Tiny Tot Organics Earth Mama Angel Baby Review

I have found another AWESOME online store - Tiny Tot Organics!  I love a store that pays attention to what they sell and Tiny Tot Organics is one of those stores!  It was started by a woman who has been a pediatric nurse for 27 years.  She's concerned about what kids are using to eat with, play with, etc.  The products she sells are organic, natural, safe, and eco-friendly.  And here's a great example: Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics...

Little Green Pouch Reuseable Food Pouch Review

I have an AWESOME new review for all you moms out there!  First, let me say that I LOVE those little pouch foods!  (You know, the apple sauce in a pouch that your toddler can suck on.)  They are so convenient!  If I need to give my little one a little snack but we're out and I don't want to have to bring a spoon and bowl, or if we're at home but I don't want my little one to get really messy (like right before church, etc) then I love being able to give her one of those pouches!  But let's face it, they can get pricey.  Well, I've found an AWESOME solution to the price problem - Little Green Pouch!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Citrus Lane November 2012 Newborn Box Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

If you'd like to check out Citrus Lane for yourself, you can click this REFERRAL LINK and get 50% offf your first box!!!

So last night I posted a review of Citrus Lane's November Toddler Box.  Again, we loved it!  We LOVE Citrus Lane at our house!  For just $25 a month, you get a wonderful gift box sent to your child every month!  Its filled with fun, useful items that are geared toward your child's age.  Its fabulous!  And shipping is included!  WooHoo!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Citrus Lane November 2012 Toddler Box Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

If you'd like to check out Citrus Lane for yourself, you can click this REFERRAL LINK and get 50% off your first box!!!

Its that time again!  Time for another Citrus Lane review!  You know I LOVE my Citrus Lane boxes!!!  :)  This month's theme was "Fun with Food" and it did not disappoint!!!

WoombieAIR Review

You may have seen the reviews I did previously on the Woombie Toddler Eco Donut and the Woombie Lil' Peanut Doll.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these items!  We use the Eco Donut all the time!  Its a life saver!  And my daughter LOVES the doll (Lucy).  :)  So, I was thrilled when the folks at Woombie asked me to do another review.  This time it was their BRAND NEW item - the Woombie AIR!!!

Woombie Air
photo courtesy of Angel Dear Lovie Review

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably saw the review I did of  They are a fabulous online store that sells tons of different types of baby blankets - everything from swaddles for newborns to lovies for toddlers!  So many choices!  The fine folks at Blanket My Baby were kind enough to ask me to do another review of their Angel Dear Blankies.  This was perfect timing, as we're expecting our second bundle of joy soon!  Now both of our angels will have blankies with their monogram!

This time I chose their adorable Angel Dear Pink Kitty Blankie.  Its so adorable!  And I chose purple for the monogramming.  I hope my little one likes it.  :)

Once again, the item arrived quickly, the monogramming was correct, and the item was adorable!!!  I was very pleased!

If you'd like to check out all of the personalizable blankets at, you can do so HERE.
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Disclosure - Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received product(s) from the company mentioned above, free of charge, for review. I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed above are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site.

Pure Joy Toddler Car Seat Cover Review

So, as many of you know, we are currently expecting our second little blessing.  When I was pregnant with our first (a baby girl), being the money-saver that I am, I thought I'd get as much gender-neutral gear as I could.  That way, if our second was a boy, we wouldn't have to replace everything.  Well guess what.  Our second is a girl!  Haha!  Now I want some fun, colorful stuff!

Thankfully, there's a wonderful shop called Pure Joy!  The sell infant and toddler car seat covers, stroller liners, blankets, burp cloths, bassinet sheets - all in fun, colorful patterns!  The awesome folks at Pure Joy were kind enough to send my toddler a lovely, fun Toddler Car Seat Cover!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Novica Gift Finder Review

You may remember the Novica review I did several months ago.  I love Novica!  They have lots of handmade items from all over the world!  Its an incredible place to shop for unique and beautiful gifts for friends and loved ones!  And with Christmas quickly approaching, we are in that gift-shopping mode around here!  Sometimes though, its hard to think of a gift for someone.  It can be really frustrating when you just don't know where to start. 

But Novica has changed all that!  They've recently added a fabulous Gift Finder to their website!  WooHoo!  It helps you narrow down the options when shopping for friends and family!  For example, are you shopping for an animal lover?  Just click on the "Gifts For the Animal Lover" section of the Gift Finder!  Need a hostess gift for a holiday party?  Just click on Hostess Gifts!