Saturday, March 31, 2012

Homemade Play-Doh


     During the first day of our 12 Days of Easter Countdown, my "Little Bug" and I discussed the name of Jesus - its power and meaning.  Being that my "Little Bug" is not yet 2 years old, I opted to do a very basic activity - PLAY-DOH!!!  (We used cookie cutters to cut out Play-Doh letters to spell out Jesus' name.) 

Galt Play Nest - Product Review

Galt Playnest

I'm starting off the "Moms Need To Know" review section with one of my FAVORITE kids products: the Galt Play Nest! This thing is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I can't say that enough. Its such a simple concept too! You receive what appears to be an inflatable innertube and a cloth cover. You slide the innertube inside the cover - BEFORE YOU BLOW IT UP. Then, you blow it up and VOILA! A play nest!

Galt Activity Dino - Product Review

Galt Activity Dino, Colors May Vary

OK folks! I'm on a roll! Here's my second product review! And, surprise, surprise! Its another Galt product! I love Galt products! They are so adorable, well made, and fun for kids! They can also be a bit pricey, but usually has a more reasonable price for them.

Wuvees - Product Review

Pink Dog Wuvee

OK, OK, so technically, I guess you couldn't really say this item makes my life "easier." But it sure does make my little one happy! :) This is a "Wuvee," and so far I've only found them on amazon. My daughter has 2 - the pink dog pictured above and this cream-colored lamb:

Citrus Lane March 2012 Box Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

If you'd like to check out Citrus Lane for yourself, you can click this REFERRAL LINK and get 50% off your first box!!!
OK folks! I am SO excited about this review!!! In fact, this is the entire reason that I started the "Moms Need To Know" review section of this blog! I signed up for Citrus Lane's monthly subscription service last month, so I've been anxiously waiting for a little less than a month for my first box to arrive so I could share this with you guys! So, lets get started, shall we? To begin with, I'm going to tell you just a bit about Citrus Lane. Then I'll tell you (and show you) what we received in this month's box. Lastly, I'll try to anticipate and answer some of the questions you may have about Citrus Lane.

Easter At Our House (and Some Ideas for Yours)

Our Little One's Easter Basket this year -
Complete with Easter Storybook, The Parable of the Lily,
Veggie Tales DVD, Stuffed Lamb with the words "He Lives"
and Lindt's chocolate lambs

Let me start out by saying that the Easter Bunny doesn't visit our house. Yes, you heard that right. Santa doesn't come here either. Now, I know that's an extremely unpopular thing to say, so before you label me the "Worst Mother In America," let me clarify a few things...

Celebrating 12 Days of Easter - Ideas for Crafts, Activities, and Snacks

Yes, this is my second Easter post in less than a week. I can't help it. I love this holiday!!! I mean, COME ON! What could be better to celebrate than the resurrection of our Savior!!! And just as I mentioned in my previous post (which is also full of craft ideas), I really think we should give Easter the same attention that we give to Christmas. After all, if the Resurrection had never happened, then Christmas would be meaningless!
At Christmas, we often do Jesse trees or other Advent activities that count down to Christmas day with stories about Jesus' lineage and His birth. Why not do that at Easter with stories about Jesus' life? So here's another GREAT idea to help you celebrate Easter for more than just one day:
The 12 Days of Easter Countdown!

Welcome!!! :)


     Welcome Everyone!!!  This is not my first attempt at blogging.  Some friends and I have a cooking blog called The Proverbs31 Cook.  We started that blog because we wanted to be able to share our recipe ideas, menu plans, etc.  Of course, the name for that blog - as well as this one - Comes for Proverbs 31 and the description of the "Excellent Wife."  I think that every Christian woman aspires to be that kind of woman - in the way we care for our children, the way we love our husbands, the way we take care of our homes, the way we serve others, and most importantly, the way we follow Christ.

     I had begun to add other things to the blog - like product reviews of some of my favorite kids products and ideas for inexpensive crafts you can do with your kids.  I decided, however, to leave that blog as simply a recipe blog.  After all, it is called The Proverbs31 COOK!  ;)  So, I have moved my product reviews and craft ideas over here - The Proverbs31 Mama. 

     So what will this blog be?  Well, I hope it will become an instrument, a tool, to help you (as well as me) as you seek to become the kind of mother whose "children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also and he praiseth her." (Proverbs 31:28)  I hope you'll find ideas for teaching your children about Christ, ideas for loving and serving your children better, ideas for loving and serving your husbands better, and encouragement as you travel that Proverbs 31 road.

Do I have all the answers?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I didn't name this blog "The Proverbs31 Mama" because that's what I think I am.  I named it that because that's what I desire to be.  I hope you'll join me on this journey.  May God bless it!  :)

If you like my posts, PLEASE join my blog under the "Followers" section. It would mean SO MUCH!!! :)