Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Destroy Your Husband - Step #1

WARNING: This blog post is written from a biblical perspective. If you do not agree with the biblical view of marriage, this post may be hard to handle. But read it anyway. You never know what you might learn. :)

Before I start this post, let me just say that I hope you understand that the title is sarcastic. - At least, its partly sarcastic. I don't want to teach anyone how to destroy their husband. I'd rather help you learn how to build them up! We're systematically destroying and defeating our husbands, and many of us don't even realize it. That's why I decided to write this series - in the hopes that it will help you with your marriage - and me with mine!

Let me also say that I am FAR from perfect in this area. Far. FAR. F.A.R. I mess up in this area ALL the time. In fact, I've fallen short several times while writing this series - and I'm only on Step One! I confess all of this so that you will hopefully realize that these posts come from the heart.  So let me give you some "Easy Ways To Destroy Your Husband" -

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

International Polar Bear Day - February 27th

Did you know that this Thursday is International Polar Bear Day?  Its one of those obscure little days, like "Talk Like A Pirate" Day.  I love those!  They lend a bit of fun to an ordinary day!  And they can also be educational!  So I thought I'd share with everyone some fun and easy resources that will help you celebrate International Polar Bear Day with your kids!

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Join Julep and get over $150 worth of Nail Products for Less Than $30!

OK ladies!  If you read my blog at all you know I LOVE subscription boxes!  They are SUPER FUN!!!  And its seriously like Christmas each month when a fun box arrives at your door!  Well, I have another love - NAIL POLISH!  And now that my little princess is growing older, she loves it too!  So I'm THRILLED to tell you about the awesome deal I just made on!  Today I got $168 worth of nail polish and nail care for $30! - And that INCLUDED shipping!!!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Citrus Lane February 2014 Box Review Plus 50% off Your First Box!!!

One of our 2 February Citrus Lane boxes arrived today!  Yay!  I was planning on waiting until the other one arrived to do the review, but I just loved this box so much that I couldn't wait! My youngest is about to have her first birthday (YAY!) so this was a 12 month old box.  And once again, Citrus Lane has balanced fun and function - by including toys AND useful items!  Oh!  And there was a gift for me too!  Wasn't that nice!?!