Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Face Band Review

OK folks!  So this is one of those reviews where I literally said out-loud, "That's BRILLIANT!"  And this product really is brilliant!

So what is the Baby Face Band?  Well, let me start by giving you a little scenario.  Your little one is in preschool, or childcare, or the church nursery.  There are lots of little ones running around, leaving their sippy cups sitting all over the place.  Now, any good mom labels their child's sippy cup with their name. That really helps the teacher/caregiver know whose cup belongs to whom.  But it doesn't help the kids because they can't read!  So how do you label your child's sippy so that THEY can recognize it?  The Baby Face Band!!! 

Simply remove the plastic insert, unscrew it, place a small photo of your child inside...

And since you personalize it at home, you can change the picture as your child grows!!!  The plastic disc is also water-tight to prevent damage!

Then place the band around your child's sippy, and... Voila! How cool is that!!!!

And the folks at Baby Face Band made things even easier by providing a picture sizer on their website!  Just download your childs photo, resize it, and you are good to go!!!  The Baby Face Band comes in red, blue, purple, green and pink, so there's something for everyone!  And they only cost $7.95 each!

I decided to test the band out with several different sippy cups, just to make sure it really worked well.  The sippy pictured above is an Eco Vessel Insulated Sippy (our favorite sippy!) and it fit perfectly!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Oogaa Toddler Feeding Set Review

I'm SO excited about this review!  This is some of the CUTEST and BEST toddler dinnerware that I have ever seen!  Oogaa dinnerware is made of food-safe silicone.  Its BPA free and will not support the growth of fungus, mould or bacteria.  Its odorless and tasteless, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, heat resistant and freezer safe! 

Oh, and if all that isn't enough, its stinkin' cute to!!!

The AWESOME folks at Oogaa, sent my little one a complete set of their dinnerware: an oogaa silicone bowl, a choo-choo train silicone spoon, a zoom-zoom airplane silicone spoon, and a non-slip silicone mat. 
The bowl is wonderful!  Its easy to clean and easy to use!  Its larger than the usual toddler bowl, so it can actually be used as a plate for all their food.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bowl! 
We recently transitioned our little one from a high chair with a huge tray to a booster seat with a much smaller tray.  Now, most of the time that's not an issue because we usually sit at the table.  But every once in a while we like to eat dinner in the living room - watching a baseball or football game.  That was fine while my little one had the high chair with the huge tray, but now that we're using the booster with a smaller tray her toddler plates don't fit on it!  Oh man!  But this bowl fits PERFECTLY!  And, as I said before, its large enough for an entire meal...
Check out her meal - pork chops, lima beans, and stuffing!
And it all fits perfectly!

AllyZabba Blanket Review sells some of the most adorable and comfy baby blankets EVER!  As their website states: "At AllyZabba, we craft each reversible baby blanket with both a silky and plush fabric to provide comfort and care to each child. Designed specifically to replicate the texture of a mother’s womb, our soft, silky blankets are created for babies, newborns and children of all ages.  A grateful doula recently sent over the following praise for AllyZabba’s unique creations:'You’ve got this one right. I use silky blankets with my client’s children and once the kids see the blanket they start getting sleepy. A silky blanket is the one thing I tell new parents that they actually need for their newborn.'"

This is such a brilliant idea!  I can't believe I never thought of it!  As new moms, we are always looking for ways to make our little babies feel more comfortable - swaddling them so they feel like they're in the womb, giving them toys that mimic the sound of mom's heartbeat, etc.  So why not give them a blankie that "feels" like mommy too!!!  The folks at AllyZabba even suggest that mom use the blanket for a couple of hours before giving it to her little one. - That way the blanket will not only feel like mommy, but smell like her too!

I received this lovely travel-sized blanket for review. Its 16"x14", so its perfect for the car, stroller, or just for your little one to use as a little security blanket. As your little one gets older, she can use this little blanket to tuck her favorite doll in at night! :)      (The larger blanket measures 34"x28'.)

I love that the blanket came tucked in this lovely little draw-string bag - ready to give as a gift! Also inside the bag is an information card about AllyZabba blankets and how to care for them.  (There's no confusion on how to clean these blankets!  The card CLEARLY states: "Wash In Cold Water, Line Dry, DO NOT IRON.") 

Wee Gallery Review

I'm so excited about this review!  I found this wonderful shop on Etsy called Wee Gallery.  They make some of the CUTEST wall decorations for little ones!!!  And they are SOOOO easy to apply!!!  They are self-adhesive, removeable stickers, so you can re-position them if they don't look just like you want them to.

We received this adorable growth chart for review!  It measures 5 feet tall and comes in several parts, so you can decorate it the way you want to!

The chart comes on two pages.  My husband put it together and said that it was VERY easy!  You simply measure 1 foot from the floor and begin placing the chart on the wall...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Aqueduck Faucet Extender Review

OK, so this is a review that I am SUPER EXCITED about!!!  Seriously!  This product is just BRILLIANT!!!  Its also one of those things where I thought to myself, "Why didn't I think of that!?!"  Its the Aqueduck Faucet Extender by PeachyCo.

Susanna Lee, founder of PeachyCo and inventor of the Aqueduck, came up with the idea for this product after straining to lift her son up to the sink to wash his hands.  I've had that same experience!  Even if I do get my little one up to the sink, her sweet little arms can't reach all the way to the water...

PROBLEM SOLVED!!!  This little gadget fits over your faucet and diverts the water out into the middle of the sink!  How brilliant is that!!!

Seriously, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!!!!!?????!!!!!

Sun Turtle Naturals Review

Home Page Splash

I've recently begun to be concerned with the amount of "junk" in my soaps, shampoos, and skincare products.  There are so many of those unpronounceable, nasty ingredients in most products - to prolong the shelf-life.  But I wonder if prolonging their shelf-life is actually shortening mine!  So I was thrilled when Sun Turtle Naturals sent me a couple of soaps to review!

Sun Turtle Naturals makes homemade soaps, lip balms and herbal shampoos and they have some wonderful scents!  I received one organic soap and one natural soap...

This soap contains NO colorants, preservatives or harsh chemicals - only natural, plant-based ingredients.  I LOVE that!!!  The lavender makes this the PERFECT soap to help you relax and take it easy!

Their website states: "Sun Turtle's organic Lavender Oatmeal soap takes pampering to a new level. Relax with the soothing scent of lavender as a delicious combination of organic oils drenches your skin. This organic soap is packed with some of nature's finest oils including olive, shea butter, sunflower, babassu and cocoa butter. Jojoba, an oil that closely resembles the natural oils produced by your skin, is added as the soap is setting during its handmade production so that it remains available to deeply moisturize as you bathe."

Sewin' Round The Corner (Etsy Shop) Review

I've found another FABULOUS Etsy shop!!! - "Sewin' Round the Corner." If you want a decorative pillowcase, this shop has got it!!! These pillow cases are so beautiful and so well made!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that they are made like pillow shams - no zippers or buttons! So much easier to work with!!!

I received 4 BEAUTIFUL pillow cases for this review:

This pillow case is so sweet and sunny! Lovely yellow on a grey background. The yellow in this is just PERFECT!!! Not too bright, not too light, just a lovely yellow daisy color.

The Chocolate Garden pillow case is a perfect neutral! (It looks FABULOUS with my bedding, by the way!) :)

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie Review

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookies are a great way to start the day!  Lisa Harris, the founder of Morning Sunshine Breakfast cookies, says on her website, "The cookie was designed to fit our active lifestyle. All too often, we rush to make decisions about things and in doing that, we sometimes make poor choices. Breakfast is one of those meals that sometimes one goes without or attempts to fill their bellies with a carbohydrate filled bowl of sugary cereal or bar. The Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie, while containing carbs, is high in protein, very low in sugar (all natural agave sweetened) and comprised of fats from healthy sources such as almonds and sunflower seeds. The carbs are slow release which fill you up without weighing you down. It provides the extra energy we need to get through the morning and is a great pre/post workout snack." 

I received one each of their Original, Dark Chocolate Flax, and Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Flax cookies.  They are individually wrapped, so they are perfect for grabbing as an "on-the-go breakfast."  And, although they are only the size of cookies, they pack a punch!  These cookies are full of  protein and fiber, so they fill you up!  If you'd like to see detailed info on the ingredients in these cookies, you can do so HERE.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brittanie's Thyme Skincare Review

Brittanies Thyme LLC

The Brittanie's Time website states: "Brittanie’s Thyme is a women-owned, USDA certified organic company based in Cedar Springs, MI. We are dedicated to manufacturing luxury organic personal care that is safe and effective, yet affordable.

Our product formulator and CEO, Nancy Metzger, utilizes her training as an esthetician and her extensive knowledge of herbs to produce high quality products that even those with very sensitive skin can use. We strive to produce products that have a minimal effect on the planet, yet provide maximum results for our customers. We do not test any products on animals.

Our belief is that natural and organic is a life choice, not a fashion or a trend. Our products are intended to be used, and used regularly. Our ingredients as well as our prices reflect this philosophy. No fillers, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes are used. We produce small batches of each product to ensure freshness."

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but not anymore!  The wonderful folks at Brittanie's Time sent me several products to review:

I was a little worried about trying this cleanser.  I have VERY sensitive skin.  Most cleansers make my face turn very red and even sting, but not this one!    This cleanser is made from: Organic Aloe vera, organic jojoba oil, 100% natural vegetable glycerin, organic rosemary extract, organic grapefruit esssential oil, organic rosemary essential oil. - None of those nasty, unpronounceable ingredients that you find in most facial products! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cate and Levi People Puppets Review

I love to find new and creative products!  And I love to find unique toys for my little one!!!  Cate and Levi fits both of those criteria PERFECTLY!!!  Josh Title (the creator of Cate and Levi toys) states, "As my wife and I awaited the birth of our first child, I noticed that there was a lack of one of a kind, responsibly made, and beautifully designed products for children. I decided to create a unique collection of products that would be intricately crafted and environmentally responsible."

Mr. Title decided to creat a line of toys from reclaimed wool, so the toys are not only cute, but also environmentally responsible!  And - and this is the best part! - no two toys are exactly alike!!!  That's right!  The toy your child receives will be UNIQUE!

Cate and Levi makes many different items, from stuffed animals to puppets, and pillows to mittens! And, as I mentioned before, every item is a one-of-a-kind!!!
Stuffed Animals  Hand Puppets  Pillow Pals  Winter Mittens

The good folks at Cate and Levi sent my little one this adorable Fireman People Puppet...

Skoy Cloths Review

Ok, I have to admit, when the good people at Skoy contacted me about reviewing their product, I wasn't sure it was gonna be "worth my time."  After all, every product that I receive gets a thorough workout and then I spend time taking pictures and writing up the review.  But, I said yes anyway and BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!!  No kidding!!!  These little things are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!

So what are they?  Skoy cloths are an AWESOME alternative to paper towels and nasty, germ-infested sponges.  They are biodegradable, absorbent, and re-useable!!!

The Skoy Company was started by two stay-at-home moms.  (I love that!!!)  :)  Their website states: "The idea originated when Michelle was living in Europe in the late 90’s. She discovered a product that was similar to the SKOY cloth and it was just amazing. Over time she found the cloth to be indispensable. When she moved back to the US, she realized that the use of a sponge was inadequate and the excessive use of paper towels, wasteful. Michelle searched and searched for a similar cloth and nothing even compared; nothing was of the same caliber. This is when Michelle introduced the cloth to Karen. She immediately fell in love with it and could not imagine cleaning with anything else. We then put our heads together and discussed a way to bring this product to the US with the requirement that it meet our high standard. Now we are so excited to be able to offer the SKOY cloth to you—which is everything that we had hoped it would be."

Skoy Cloths feel like a mix between a dishcloth and a sponge.  They are square, thin, and easy to use like a dishcloth.  They are also washable - like a dishcloth.  But the "feel" and work like a sponge! (They are super-absorbent like sponges too!)

Skoy Cloths have an absorption factor of 15 times their weight!  This makes them very durable and great for cleaning!  (No more paper towels ripping or falling apart while you're cleaning!  They are re-useable too!  You simply throw them in the dishwasher OR the washing machine to clean them!  How awesome is that!!!  They will last for months!!!  (That's much longer than your average nasty sponge!) - And because they are machine washable, you don't have to worry about spreading germs around when using them.  (Seriously, have you ever washed a dish with one of your sponges and then the dish smelled nasty.  - That's all the yucky germs that are hiding in your sponge!)

Eco Lunch Gear Review and Promo Code

Snack Bag

I'm sure you've noticed that a lot of my reviews lately, have been of alternatives to the plastic sandwich bag.  I've been learning SOOOO much lately about the waste and possible health risks of plastics.  Its really shocking how many plastics baggies we use and simply throw away.  That's not only bad for the environment, but its bad for the wallet too!

Eco Lunch Gear is a GREAT alternative to disposable sandwich bags! Their Sandwich Wraps are cute, reuseable, AND they double as a placemat, so you don't need to use a paper plate either!  And they have TONS of different fabric choices, so there's something for everyone!

Sandwich Wrap
(Simply unwrap your sandwich & you have a placemat!)

Some of the benefits of Eco Lunch Gear's sandwich bags are:
100% certified organic cotton with waterproof nylon liner, CPSIA tested.
Sandwich wrap doubles as a placemat.
Minimizes waste.
Easy to clean - by machine or hand.
Sandwich wraps & snack bags designed so there are no trapped crumbs.
Made in the USA! (In northern Michigan, to be exact!)  ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Batter Babies Review and Neapolitan Cupcakes Recipes

I consider myself the "Cupcake Queen."  That's a self-imposed title.  It doesn't really have anything to do with my cupcake making abilities, its more about my love of making them!  I'm always looking for a new way to make my cupcakes more fun, so when Kimber Cakeware sent me a set of Batter Babies to review, I was so excited!  I immediately began to think about what I wanted to make.  Then it came to me - Neapolitan Cupcakes!!!  My husband LOVES Neapolitan ice cream.  I mean, what's not to love? - Chocolate - Yum!  Vanilla - Yum! Strawberry - Yum!

So, you guys get 2 posts for the price of one today!  Yep!  That's right!  You get a product review AND a recipe!  (Well, more of a recipe "idea."  I used box mixes and store-bought frosting for this recipe because I wanted to get it done quickly so I could post it.)

For this recipe, I used 1 box of Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix, 1 box of Betty Crocker Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix, and 2 cans of Betty Crocker Whipped Strawberry Mist Frosting. (This recipe will make approximately 3 dozen cupcakes.)

First, prepare the cake mixes according to package directions.  Then, place paper liners in your cupcake pan(s).  Place the Batter Babies into the middle of each cupcake liner like so...
I would strongly suggest buyiny TWO sets of the Batter Babies.
They come in sets of 6, so your baking will go a lot quicker with more than one set.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wrap-N-Mat Review


As a stay-at-home mom, I'm always looking for ways to save money.  One HUGE waste of money, in my opinion, is sandwich bags.  You only use them once and then they get thrown away.  So when I saw the Wrap N Mat for the first time, I thought it was brilliant!

Wrap-N-Mat - Grande Wrap

Their website states:
Wrap-N-Mat Products are unique in that they are
the original re-usable food wrap and placemat in one. 

We purposely use a food grade plastic for our products because:
* the lining keeps more AIR OUT than fabric only- ultimately keeping the food fresher
* the lining is food safe, free of lead, phthalates, Bpa and PVC
* the lining is porous free so no food particles can get trapped in the fabric
* the lining wipes down easily after each use without having to be inverted to clean

The patented design allows the food wrap to open flat which serves beautifully as a placemat. Easy to open with a hook/loop tab, children and adults find the closure simple to use.

Many wonderful prints are available for both children and adults.

The company offers many sizes, so you can use them for sandwiches, snacks, etc.  And they are so easy to fold and use!  They are also easy to clean - just open flat, hand wash and air-dry!

The generous folks at Wrap-N-Mat sent me 3 of their products to try: the Original Wrap, The Snack Pouch, and the Mini Snack Pouch.

Eco Vessel Review #2

Steel water bottles

The good folks a EcoVessel sent me couple of GREAT items to review!  (You may remember my previous Eco Vessel review - of the Insulated Adult Straw Bottle and the Insulated Sippy.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE those products, so I was THRILLED to review a couple more!!!)

The wonderful people at EcoVessel sent my husband this awesome Triple Insulated Screw Bottle to review...

This thing is AMAZING!  Its triple insulated and has been tested to keep water cold for THIRTY SIX HOURS and retain heat for TWELVE HOURS!!!  How amazing is that!!!  This thing is perfect for hiking, camping, etc.  But its also great for use around the home.  For instance, I'm sure my hubby will be using this bottle the next time he cuts the grass!  He can fill it up with ice and cold water & it will stay that way THE WHOLE time he's outside!!!

It comes with a wide mouth screw top so that you can put ice in it!  AWESOME!  But that's not all!  This little gem also comes with a removeable mesh strainer basket that makes it perfect for tea...

How nifty is that!!! Freshly made tea at work or out camping, etc!!!

They also sent my little one this AWESOME Gobble N Go...

This thing is SO cute!!!  It matches the Insulated Sippy.  (I'm all about the cute matching stuff!)  ;)  It holds a TON!!!  The top wasn't as tight as I thought it would be, but then again, if its too tight its hard to get on and off for filling, cleaning, etc.  The important thing is, the top doesn't slip off.  It seems to be about the same tightness as the tops of the other snack cups we have.

The 4 things that make this snack cup SO AWESOME are:
1.) Its stainless steel, so no leaching chemicals from plastics!
2.) Its SUPER EASY to clean!  (Seriously, I've really been loving the stainless steel items lately because they are not only safer for kids but SO much easier and quicker to clean!)
3.) Its got great handles for my little one to hold it with!
4.) Because its larger than most snack containers, as my little one gets older we can take the top off and use it as a bowl for ice cream, fruit, soup, etc! - And since its stainess steel, it will help keep the ice cream cold or the soup warm!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

If you'd like to check these items out for yourself, you can go to the EcoVessel website Here.
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If you'd like to read my previous EcoVessel review, you can do so HERE.

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