Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Designs Party Decor

OK, I'm REALLY excited about this review!  Its very personal!  You see, it has to do with my little one's birthday party.  At her first party, I planned for months.  I made most of the decorations by hand, did all of the decorating and baked everything from scratch.  This time, being in the first trimester of  my second pregnancy, I just wasn't up for all of that.  Thankfully, Sweet Designs Studio took care of all of that for me!  It made this party SO MUCH more stress-free - which, in turn, made it easier for me to enjoy with my little one!

Real Kids Shades Back to School Promo & Contest

You may remember the review I did on Real Kids Shades a couple of months ago.  If you haven't read that review, you really should!  I had NO IDEA how important good sunglasses were for infants' and children's eye health! 

Well, I have some great news!  The wonderful folks at Real Kids Shades have got a couple of FANTASTIC "Back to School" Facebook offerings going on right now!

Now through September 27, 2012, you can go to their Facebook Page and register to receive a coupon for 20% off all items on their website!

You can also click HERE for a chance to win a $250 Visa Gift Card from Real Kids Shades! This gift card is just what you’ll need to help with some of those back to school expenses.

Check out these awesome promotions.  And don't forget to make sure your child has a pair of Real Kids Shades when they head off to school!  :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby-BeeHaven Cush'N'Go Review

I've got another great baby/toddler-themed review for you guys today!  Its from a WONDERFUL little company called Baby-BeeHaven!  Baby-BeeHaven has some really cute and innovative kids products!  The one I'll be reviewing today is called the Cush'N'Go...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ecocentric Mom August Box Review

As I've mentioned so many times, I LOVE LOVE LOVE monthly subscription boxes!!!  Seriously! I just can't get enough of them!  So when Ecocentric Mom (a new monthly subscription box specifically for moms and babies) contacted me about doing a review, I was SOOO on board!  The box arrived this past Monday, and it DID NOT disappoint! -


Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Review

I love a unique product!  - Especially if its something that will help to keep my little one occupied!  The Tiny Love Sunny Stroll fits that description perfectly!

The Sunny Stroll is fantastic for many reasons! First of all, its not super expensive!  At $19.99, its not only affordable, but makes a fantastic baby shower gift!  Its packed with lots of toys that will keep your little one busy while they are confined to their stroller.  Its also adjustable, so it fits on strollers AND infant car seats!  I love that!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Citrus Lane August 2012 Box Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

Its that time again!  Time for another Citrus Lane box review!!!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE receiving our Citrus Lane boxes every month and this one was no different!  This month's box was AWESOME!!!!  The theme for August's box was "Back to School."  I wasn't sure how that would translate to my little one.  I mean, she's only 2 years old and since I'm a stay-at-home mommy, she doesn't go to daycare, etc.  But I was so impressed and excited about what we received in this box!

Just as a catch-me-up to anyone who is new to Citrus Lane and their awesome boxes, the company sends out a box every month around the 15th.  Each month has a theme and the box is currated to fit your child's gender and age, so you get things that they can use right away!  The box costs $25 per month, and that includes shipping!  And the items in the box usually add up to anywhere from $30 to $55 every month, so its a great deal! 

Kivelli Baby Travel Blanket Review

I was recently contacted by Kivelli Baby about doing a review.  This is a fairly new company that has some REALLY ADORABLE items for babies and toddlers.  As soon as I checked out their website I knew I HAD to do a review for them!

The kind folks at Kivelli Baby were nice enough to send me one of their Travel Blankets to review...

Capturing Couture Camera Strap Review

I've been learning about photography for a couple of years now - since I bought my very first DSLR camera.  I ALWAYS have my camera.  Its sort of a necessity when you have a child.  You don't ever want to miss a moment.  Since my camera is constantly around my neck, I'm always looking for a stylish strap.  Well, the looking is over!  Capturing Couture has some really beautiful camera straps!

Baby Mum Mum Review

My little one is a BIG FAN of Baby Mum Mums, so when they asked me to do a review I was thrilled!  Baby Mum Mums are great for so many reasons!  First of all, they are safe for babies that are just starting solid foods!  Its gluten-free, egg-free and peanut-free and doesn't have any artifical additives or preservatives.  Secondly, Mum Mums are easy for little hands to grasp...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Stork Stack August Box Review

Its that time again!  Time for another Stork Stack review!  You may remember last month's review of their Forth of July box - which we LOVED! (Check out last month's review to learn more about Stork Stack and all about their INCREDIBLE Stork Stack Gives Back program.) But, if its possible, I think we loved this box TWICE AS MUCH!!!!  This month's theme was "Splish Splash and Sleep Tight" - and it was packed with great items to help get my little one bathed and ready for bed (and even an AWESOME gift for me!!!!)

As always, the stork stacks come in these adorable boxes and show up on your doorstep some time the first week of every month...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Curly Creations" Shop Review

When the folks at Curly Creations contacted me about doing a review, I was thrilled!!!  Curly Creations has got some seriously cute, personalized items!  What I really love is that they have items in all sorts of price ranges, so pretty much anyone can find something that fits into their gift budget!

The folks at Curly Creations were kind enough to send me 2 items to review.  The first item they sent was this BEAUTIFUL Sterling Silver Annabelle Ring...

"The Taffy Box" Handstamped Necklace Review

I LOVE LOVE LOVE personalized jewelry!  I just feel like jewelry is such a personal, intimate gift, so I love when its really got a personal touch.  I think that's why I love The Taffy Box so much!  They have some really wonderful, personalized jewelry!  (Could I have used the word "personal" anymore in those sentences?) ;) 

(Picture curtesy of

When the folks at The Taffy Box contacted me about reviewing one of their pieces I had such a hard time picking one!  The jewelry on their site is just so wonderful!  They have rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, jewelry for men, pet tags, etc.  I finally decided on the Hand Stamped Washer Necklace...

Hand Stamped Washer Necklace
(Picture curtesy of

Monday, August 6, 2012

All Sewn Up Etsy Shop Review

I have another great Etsy Shop to share with you today!  I just LOVE shopping on Etsy!  SO many wonderful, handmade items!  Today's featured Etsy Shop is All Sewn Up and More.  This great shop has tons of adorable items like bibs, baby blankets, burp cloths, aprons, pillows and more!

Mary, the awesome owner of All Sewn Up and More was kind enough to send me one of her newest baby bibs to review, and I have to say that I was VERY impressed!!!!