Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eco Eggs Review

Disclosure - Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received product(s) from this company/website, free of charge, for review. I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed in this review are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site.

Its that time of year!  Easter is here!  WooHoo!  And, while I like to keep Easter about what it should be about - the Resurrection - I still like to do some fun things for my kids during spring time.  And what is more fun than an Egg Hunt!  But did you know that each year petroleum-based plastic eggs put thousands of tons of toxic emissions & landfill waste into the environment?  Thankfully, a Minnesota woman has come up with a better egg - Eco Eggs!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Citrus Lane March 2013 Boxes Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

Its that time again!  Time for another Citrus Lane review!  WooHoo!!!  As I've mentioned before, Citrus Lane is a WONDERFUL subscription company that sends a care box to your kids every month.  Each box is catered to your child's gender and age and they make boxes for newborn to 5 year olds!  (You can also sign up while pregnant - like I did - and receive newborn boxes each month until baby arrives!  Its a great way to stock up on some awesome baby necessities!)

This month's boxes were INCREDIBLE - as always!!!  Let's start with my toddler's box this time.  I get a box for a 2 and a half year old and here's what she got:

Organic Baby N Things Wondersheet Review

You may remember my previous review of OrganicBabyNThings.  This is a fabulous online store that sells all sorts of natural and organic items for baby!  One of the items they sell is the Amazing Wonder Sheet by Bonn Bonn Baby and they were kind enough to send me one for review!


Bink Link Review

As I've mentioned before, my second sweet baby is quite a pacifier lover!  Unfortunately, my first little one never took a paci, so we didn't really have any paci-supplies when we came home from the hospital.  A dear friend was kind enough to supply us with quite a few pacis as part of her baby shower gift to us, but we didn't have any pacifier clips.  So I went on the hunt.  And what did I find?  Some of the cutest pacifier clips EVER from Bink Link!!!

Hip-Peas Review

You may remember my past review of Hip-Peas children's haircare products.  Hip-Peas is a great company that makes natural hair products for your little ones.  All of their products are Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Petrochemical-free, Sulfate-free, and Cruety-free!  WooHoo!!!  Oh!  And 10% of their profits go to children's charities!  Well, the wonderful folks at Hip-Peas were kind enough to send me a few more products to review!

Toosh Review

I'm always looking for safe, natural skincare products for my kids.  There are so many nasty ingredients in most products and I just don't want to use those on them.  I've found that most of the really great, natural skincare lines were developed by moms who wanted safe products for their kids.  And that's how Toosh came to be!

Precious Ideas Li'l Shopper Review

I've seen a lot of shopping cart covers since I had kids.  I've even reviewed a couple that I love!  Shopping cart covers keep away lots of nasty germs and other icky things that your kids can be exposed to while sitting in those carts.  But have you ever really looked at a shopping cart seat?  Next time you're at the store, take a gander.  They look HORRIBLY uncomfortable!  Seriously!  I don't think I could sit still for 5 minutes in one of those!  It looks like a torture device!  Thankfully, as many moms in the past have done, a clever mom came up with an answer - the Li'l Shopper!

Kaleidoscope Kids Book Review

Having majored in English, I am very aware of the importance of reading.  We began reading to our little one the day she came home from the hospital.  I especially love children's books that are bright and colorful because I know they will keep my kids' attention.  That's why I was so pleased to find The Kaleidoscope Kids

DottieBox Review

I love a good subscription box!  They are so much fun!  Getting a little surprise box full of fun things makes each month like your birthday!  I also love Etsy!!!  I'm a bit of a "crafter" so I love seeing handmade items that other people have made!  That's what makes Dottiebox LLC so fun and unique!  Its the best of both!!!

Wubbanub Yellow Duck Review

As I've mentioned before, my second little one is a serious paci-lover.  And I have to say, a baby with a paci is pretty stinkin' cute!  The problem with pacifiers though, is that they are forever popping out of baby's mouth, falling on the ground, getting lost, etc.  Ugh!  But, as they say, "necessity is the mother of invention."  And when it comes to inventing things for babies, nobody does it better than a mother!  That's how the Wubbanub came to be!

Smile Squared Toothbrush Review

I have another great company to add to my Companies That Are Doing Good list.  Today's company - Smile Squared

So what makes Smile Squared more than just a toothbrush company?  Well, I think their mission statement explains it perfectly:
"Smile Squared wants to give every child the health and confidence that comes with clean teeth. For every toothbrush you buy, Smile Squared donates one to a child in need. We believe even small, everyday products, like toothbrushes, can have a big impact on the world."

Bloom Into Baby Giveaway Event

I've got some AWESOME news!  My fellow mommy-blogger and friend Amanda from My Four Littles is doing an incredible set of giveaways!!! - The Bloom Into Baby Event!!!

Bloom Into Baby Button-1

Bloom Into Baby is a giveaway a day event hosted by My Four Littles with some great cohosts on board! Make sure to check them out at Bloom Into Baby and be there April 15th for the kick off!

There are TONS of incredible prizes just waiting to be won in this series of giveaways!  Here are a few examples:
BeginAgain Toys
Baby Cargo Stroller
KidCo GoPod
PediPed Shoes
Blooming Bath Bath for Babies
Keekaroo Peanut Changer
Chewbeads Jewelry
Suppori Baby Sling
Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag
Boppy Newborn Lounger
Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

$100 Boon "Fearless Drinker" Facebook Giveaway

Right now Boon is running a fun giveaway on Facebook!

Here’s how it works:

Real Kids Shade Facebook Giveaway!!!

WooHoo!!!  Real Kids Shades has a great Facebook giveaway going on right now!!! 

Photo Courtesy of

Enter now for a chance to win a Visa Gift Card and Sunglasses for your kids.

Friday, March 22, 2013

HeidiKids Baby Toys Review

I'd like to introduce you to a fabulous toy company I just recently learned about - HeidiKids!

Mayapple Baby Suri The Octopus Teething Toys Review

Hi. I'm a mom and I'm addicted to cute baby products. There.  I said it.  Whew!  I feel so much better!  And now I can tell you about a super cute and functional baby product that I just found - the Suri the Octopus and Friends Teether Set by Mayapple Baby

BabySmart Cooshee Booster Hybak Review

When my toddler was old enough, we switched her from a regular high chair to a booster-type seat.  The seat, however, was made out of a really hard plastic.  It didn't look comfortable AT ALL.  I think that's why she always asked, "Get me down, Mama," as soon as she finished eating.  It made dinner time quite difficult - especially if she finished before we did.  That hard plastic seat just wasn't comfortable for her.  (Sometimes I think toddler product inventors don't actually take comfort into consideration.  I mean, I know I wouldn't want to sit on a hard plastic seat like that!) 

Thankfully, I've found a FABULOUS alternative - the Cooshee Booster Hybak by BabySmart USA!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SmartNoggin NogginStik Review

Update - Baby girl is now more than 6 months old, so I thought it was time for an update.  She always liked this toy - even as a brand new baby, but now she LOVES it!  Seriously!  She's been playing with it for nearly 2 hours straight - which is quite a long time for a 6 month old! In her swing, in her crib, in my lap - everywhere!!!  I wish I had 2 more so I could keep one in the car and one in my diaper bag!!!  The rattle sound, lights, and mirror just mesmerize her!  And it's SUPER easy for her to hold!!!  LOVE! 

With a newborn in the house, I'm always looking for baby toys that have great developmental uses.  SmartNoggin Toys has developed just such a toy - the NogginStik!!!  This is an incredible toy that helps encourage early milestone in your baby's development.

NogginStik was created by an early intervention therapist and can be used to:
Encourage parent/infant interaction
Capture a child's focus and increase attention
Assist with the development of visual tracking, which is a critical pre-literacy skill
Provide tactile interest to touch and visual interest to see
Help children auditorily locate sound
Enhance grasping and holding skills

The head changes colors to help with visual stimulation...

The whole body of the toy is very tactile and there's a rattle inside.  There's also a mirror on the bottom...

The NogginStik has also been evaluated by  Click HERE to see their evaluation.

Check out the NogginStik on the SmartNoggin website Here.
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Miela Siela Etsy Shop Review

Once again, I have found another little gem on Etsy!  -  Miela Siela Etsy Shop!  This is a FABULOUS shop based in Lithuania that sells handmade wooden toys and home accessories.  The awesome folks at Miela Siela were kind enough to send my toddler this AMAZING play set...

OOFOS Shoes Review

If there's one thing I'm ALWAYS in search of, its a comfy pair of shoes.  With 2 small kids, I'm always on my feet, so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must.  Thankfully, I found OOFOS!!!  The kind folks at OOFOS were nice enough to send me 2 pairs of shoes for review.  The first pair I received was this pair of Women's OOcloogs in Plum...


Green Toys Tool Box Review

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know there's a toy company that I'm head over heels in love with - Green Toys!  All of their toys are made from recycled milk containers!  Yes, you heard that correctly!  But not only are these toys environmentally friendly, but they are INCREDIBLY WELL MADE!!!  There isn't a toy they make that I don't love!!!  This time they were kind enough to send me this awesome tool box set for review...

Buggy Bagg Jr. Review

Do you know how HORRIBLY filthy shopping carts are?  There have been studies done that show that an average shopping cart contains more traces of urine, feces, etc. than a public restroom.  Seriously!  How disgusting is that????!!!???  Thank goodness for Buggy Baggs!!!  Buggy Baggs are fabulous, functional shopping cart covers!  The awesome folks at Buggy Baggs were kind enough to send me one of their Buggy Bagg Jr. covers for review...

Malcolm Designs Etsy Shop

As I've mentioned so many times before, I LOVE homemade items!  I could seriously window shop on Etsy ALL DAY LONG.  You know, if I didn't have kids to take care of and a house to clean.  LOL!  Anyway, I've found another fabulous shop - Malcolm Designs.  The lovely owner of this shop was kind enough to send my toddler this ADORABLE shirt for review...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Little Duck Organics Review

Being the mom of a toddler, I'm always looking for delicious snacks for my little one.  But I also want those snacks to be healthy.  That's a tall order.  Its hard to find a snack that's yummy AND healthy.  Thankfully, I found Little Duck Organics!!! 

Kidorable Hooded Toddler Towel Review

You may remember my previous review of the Kidorable Dancer Bookends.  I LOVE those bookends!  They are perfect for any little girl!!!  Well, the folks at Kidorable have done it again.  This time its hooded towels!!!  And the awesome folks at Kirdorable were kind enough to send me one for review!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 PROMO CODE

I have a fabulous offer to tell my readers about today!!! is a fabulous site where you can order all sorts of gift baskets - from birthday gifts to "just because" gifts!  :) 

Delightful Easter Basket
And with Easter just around the corner, its a great time to order some gifts for loved ones!!!  The awesome folks at GiftBasketsPlus were kind enough to offer a 10% discount to my readers!  Simply go to their website ( and use the promo code 495847But you'd better hurry!  This offer expires on March 31, 2013!  :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bean-B-Clean Cradle Cap Brush Review

When my first baby was born, she had cradle cap.  It used to drive me crazy.  And being my firs child, I was worried about how hard to scrub her head, etc.  I mean, come on.  Babies have those soft spots!  I also couldn't find any kind of brush that was gentle on my baby while still being effective to help.  Thankfully, now that baby number 2 has arrived, I've found Bean-B-Clean!

This nifty little item is a scalp massaging brush that's perfect for helping to get rid of cradle cap!  Just use it every day as directed!  Some people even say they continued using the brush after the cradle cap was gone because the messaging effect of the brush calms and sooths their babies in the bath!  Now that's a product that's worth checking out!

Find out more about Bean-B-Clean and how it helps with cradle cap HERE.

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Polka Dot Babe Etsy Shop Review

We just brought home our second bundle of joy.  And what a joy it was.  I really wanted to get our 2 sweet girls a few personalized items.  But I didn't want to shower them with lots of toys.  (We've got plenty of those.)  One of the items I chose came from Polka Dot Babe Etsy Shop.  This shop is FABULOUS!!!  They sell some great items, the main one being hooded towels for kids!  My girls' towels arrived folded neatly and tied with a cute ribbon!  It was such a great presentation!

Green Toys Green Eats Review

You may remember my previous Green Toys reviews. (You can check them out Here, Here and Here.)  I've said it a million times, but it bears repeating - WE LOVE GREEN TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, this awesome company - whose products are all made in the USA from recycled milk jugs - also makes tableware items for kids!!!  WooHoo!!!!  I was THRILLED when they sent me several of their Green Eats products for review!

Green Toys Review

You may remember my previous Green Toys reviews.  (You can check them out Here and Here.)  I cannot stress how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE Green Toys at our house!!!  Their toys are EXTREMELY well made!  They are also made in the USA from recycled milk jugs.  I think that is so awesome and it makes me feel great because I'm not only getting a great toy for my little one, but I'm also doing my part for the environment.  Oh, and did I mention that their toys are dishwasher safe?  WooHoo!!!!  Anything that makes this mama's life easier is a HUGE bonus!!!

The AWESOME folks at Green Toys were kind enough to send us a couple of toys for review.  The first toy we received was this awesome fire truck...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Happy Trunk Subscription Box Review

I love finding fun and creative things to do with my toddler!  But with the new baby having just arrived, sometimes I don't have the time - or the brain power - to come up with new ideas.  That's why I was thrilled to find The Happy Trunk subscription service!  They send a wonderful little box full of activities right to your door every month!!!  The awesome  folks at The Happy Trunk were kind enough to send me their February box for review...

Box for 3-7 year olds