Friday, November 7, 2014

"The Fruitful Wife" Book Review

I loved this book!!!  OK, I know.  I know.  I've said it several times lately. But I've been fortunate to have enjoyed some wonderful books through my reviews.  But this one stands out!  Maybe its because it was very timely.  Have you ever started reading a Bible study or a passage of Scripture and thought, "Boy, God just sent this to me personally!"  Well, that's how I felt about "The Fruitful Wife" by Hayley DiMarco.

This book was wonderful from beginning to end.  Mrs. DiMarco was painfully blunt about her shortcomings and the areas God has had to work on in her life.  This was very helpful to me - especially since it appears that we share a lot of the same "issues." 

As you can imagine, the book is about the Fruit of the Spirit.  Mrs. DiMarco divided up the "fruit" and covered one per chapter.  Each chapter had basic explanations of what that fruit means, Bible verses that reference and explain that fruit, and finally, how that fruit applies to your relationship with your husband.  I found this very helpful and very convicting.  But this study didn't just help me in my relationship to my husband.  One morning I was having a particularly difficult time with my kids.  It was one of those days where they were "into everything" and obeying me was the last thing on their minds.  That day just happened to be the day I read about the "fruit of the Spirit" patience.  (Of course, I know it wasn't coincidence.  God placed that book in my hands and brought me to that chapter at just the right time.  What conviction I received for my reactions to my kids and my failure to allow the Holy Spirit to work in me.  And what help I received from her practical, biblical advice.

Here's a little taste of the wonderful wisdom found in this book:
"Patience is more than the ability to wait. It involves a capacity to resist the temptation to play God, not only in your own life but in the lives of others as well. Patience looks at difficult people not as an imposition but as a part of the tapestry of life woven by God himself. Patience tolerates delay because it sees the hand of God in every event, and patience can suffer pain without complaint because to complain is to accuse God of some wrongdoing. Patience lives out of a love for God and for man that trumps the love of schedule, plans, or expectations. Patience trusts God to such an extent that nothing, not even the most heinous interruption, can lead to frustration, resentment, or explosion.Impatience essentially speaks to the distaste we all have for interruptions to our comfort. We are comfortable with our own ways of doing things, our own pace, our own plans; and when there is an interruption or a change to those expectations, our patience is tested. If our patience is a human trait, then its strength will waiver, but if it is a 'fruit of the Spirit' trait, then it's resolve is sure."

I highly - HIGHLY - recommend this book.  Go buy it on Kindle or paperback but get it now and read it.

I received a digital copy of this book, free of charge, in return for my honest review.

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