Friday, April 8, 2016

Great Zonderkidz Resources for New Believers (Young Kids)

I am so thrilled to let my readers know that my oldest accepted Christ this past Sunday!  Her father and I were blessed to be able to lead her to the Lord.  Although she's young, we feel confident that she understands her decision.  But we want to make sure that we help her to grow in Christ.  So I'm always on the lookout for great books that will help her to grow.  Thankfully, the AWESOME folks at Zonderkidz agreed to share some of their newest resources with my daughter so that I can share my thoughts with my readers!

1.) Kids Quest Study Bible NIrV (Releases April 19, 2016) - Up to this point, we've been mostly using Bible story books with the kids. But we wanted to give our daughter her very own Bible to celebrate her decision to follow Christ.  The Kids Quest Study Bible is a great option!  Its an NIrV. (That means its an NIV "reader friendly" version, perfect for kids 6-10 years old.)

Not only is it simple enough for young children to read, but there lots of study helps!  I love these "kids' question" sections!  They answer questions like, "Why aren't there Bible stories that take place in winter?" and "Is it stealing if a poor person takes food?"

There are also "quest clue" sections. These little sections give the reader "big ideas" and help them to connect Scriptures together.  For example, the quest clue at the end of the book of Nehemiah says, "God doesn't like when we do something wrong, but he is willing to forgive us when we ask. Find Nehemiah 9 to learn how God responded when his people disobeyed him.  Then find Psalm 103 to hear about God's willingness to forgive you."

There's also info at the beginning of each book of the Bible. It tells the kids things like: who wrote that book, what is special about that book, and what are some important passages, etc.

2.) Heroes of the Bible Treasury and Great Stories of the Bible (Release May 3, 2016) - Along with recently making a decision to accept Jesus, my daughter is also still learning to read.  Being able to read Bible stories for herself is so important!  I love the Zonderkidz "I Can Read" series! The books are colorful and contain simple text.  Each of these two treasuries contains SIX books in one!

Heroes of the Bible Treasury contains the stories of: Paul's conversion, Queen Esther, Joseph (from the OT), Noah, Elijah, and Moses.  Great Stories of the Bible contains the stories of: creation, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and Daniel, Ruth & Naomi, the miracles of Jesus, the Prodigal Son, and the Good Samaritan.

Each book is simple enough for a beginner to read, but long enough for them to feel like they've accomplished something when they've finished!

3.) Read With Me Bible For Little Ones - As I mentioned, my daughter is learning to read, so simple Bible story books are a must!  This Bible story book is a board book with short and simple text, so you can also use it with a toddler.  I love the idea that my first grader can read this to her little sister! 

There are a lot of simple Bible story books, but what makes this one different is the illustrations.  Its almost illustrated like a comic book!  Very interesting, colorful, and vibrant!

4.) Wild About The Bible and Bear Country Fun - These sticker & activity books are great for young kids! My daughter always seems to learn better if she can do hands-on activities.

These booklets have things to read, things to draw, things to color, stickers to place on pictures, word search pages, connect the dots pages, and much more!

The Wild About the Bible booklet is a great way to reinforce what they've been learning in their Bible study and the Berenstain Bears booklet is great faith-based fun as well!

5.) Wonders of Creation Coloring Book - How does a coloring book help my little one grow in her faith, you ask.  Well, this is something my little one and I can do together!

As we discuss God's wonderful creation, we can color the book together!  Its a great mommy-daughter activity!  And Zondervan has some of the most amazing new coloring books!  Although this would probably be classified as an "adult coloring book" - and its definitely beautiful and intricate enough to be one - its something my daughter will enjoy coloring as well!

I'm so thankful to Zonderkidz for the amazing products that they develop and publish! 

I received these books, free of charge, from Zonderkidz, in exchange for my honest review.

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