Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LuLaroe Cassie Review, Featuring Jonelle Zika (Giveaway As Well!!!)

Today I have a LuLaRoe review featuring just one piece!  One AMAZING piece!  The Cassie skirt!

I'm gonna be really honest.  I had no desire whatsoever to try the Cassie.  It's a pencil skirt and I'm chubby and short (5'2").  LOL!  I do do straight skirts.  I just don't feel comfy in them.At least, until now!

I've now tried a couple of different patterned Cassie skirts and I'm gonna just say it.  I HEART THEM!!!  They are outrageously comfy! And I don't feel self conscious in them!

So what is it that I love about them?

1.) They Have an elastic waist - like all the LuLaRoe skirts.  This makes them crazy comfy!  This also makes it possible to wear different sizes!  In my closet right now I have a couple of XLs, a 2 XL, and this skirt,m which is a 3XL!  When Jonelle said she was sending a 3 XL I was thinking, that won't fit. But it does!  When I wear my XLs, they're a little more fitted.  This 3 XL is a little more relaxed fit, but still fits wonderfully!

2.) The adorable patterns! - LuLaRoe has so many fun colors and patterns!  This skirt is a beautiful kelly green color. (I love green, so I was thrilled to get it!)  And the fun diamond pattern is cute but not overwhelming.

3.) The length! -  LuLaRoe clothing is designed to be modest.  That's one reason the elastic waist is so amazing!  You can decide how fitted you want the skirt to be.  The length is also amazing.  And the skirt has a wide waist band, so you can fold over it and make it a bit shorter if you like.

Honesty: I NEVER thought I'd like a pencil skirt.  Never.  But LuLaRoe has converted me.  And at $35, its super affordable!

If you'd like to check out these adorable skirts and the rest of Jonelle's amazing inventory, join her Facebook group here: LuLaRoe Northland Shopping With Jonelle Z. (There are also fun giveaways on her Facebook page that you can enter!  In fact, there's a giveaway going on RIGHT NOW!  It ends Friday, August 19, 2016, so hurry up and join!)

Make sure you also follow her on Instagram lularoe.j.zika.

I received this skirt, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.

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