Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Books for My Little Bug

I've been toying with the idea of this post for quite some time now.  Then today, a package from Amazon.com arrived with this little gem for my "Little Bug" and I just decided it was time to write this post!  ;)
The Thanksgiving Bowl

So why am I so excited about this book?  Well, its an adorable story with a great idea for a Thanksgiving activity for the whole family.  But that's another blog post completely!  And I'm gonna write it soon!  I promise!  But for the purpose of this blog post, my excitement comes from the fact that this book is a HARDBACK book that costs $15.95, but I got it for $1.65!!!  That's right!!!  That's almost 90% off!!!  And I do this ALL THE TIME.  I've gotten my Little Bug tons of great hardback books at these ROCK BOTTOM prices!  (I've also gotten myself several AWESOME cookbooks for SUPER CHEAP!)

So how did I do it, you ask.  Well, I'm gonna tell ya!  (And then I'm gonna show you more examples of the great books I've gotten just so you know this wasn't a "one-time lucky break.") 
1.) Go to Amazon.com. (If you don't have an account, GET ONE!  Seriously!  I love amazon!  I do almost all of my gift shopping there!  Christmas is SO much more relaxing without trying to brave the maddening crowds at the local mall!)
2.) Once on the amazon site, notice there is a little box to the left of the search box that says "All Departments."  Click on that and scroll down to "Books" and click on that.  Now hit "Go" (to the right of the search box).  (Yes.  You will be leaving the search box empty on purpose.)
3.) Once your search results show up, you will notice a list to the left side of your search results that says "Department."  Scroll down to the one that says "Children's Books" (or "Cookbooks" if that's what you are looking for) and click on it.
4.) Once those search results show up, scroll down and even farther down on the lefthand side will be another category that says "Format."  If you are simply interested in hardback books (which I am) click on "Hardcover."  (I often scroll down again and click on "Library Binding" also because these are also hardbacks.)  You could also scroll down a third time and click on "Papaerback" too, if you wanna.)  (When I'm searching for cookbooks, I don't mind the paperback kind, but for my Little Bug's books I like to buy hardback.)
5.) Once you've picked all of your formats, scroll down again until you find "Free Super-Saver Shipping" and click on that.  (I hate paying for shipping.) ;)
6.) Then I scroll down again to "Condition" and click on "New" because that's what I want, but if you don't care if the books are used you could just leave that one.  (And right under "Condition" it says "Include Out of Stock Items."  I always make sure that is NOT checked.  Why would I wanna see what they DON'T have???
Once I've done all these things and I have my search results, I just start scrolling!  (This is a great activity for when you are vegging in front of the TV, etc. after a long day.  Not much to it but sometimes you find GREAT DEALS!!!)

Now, I'm gonna be completely honest.  This is like searching the sales rack at your favorite store.  Sometimes you're gonna find TONS of great deals.  Sometimes you're gonna find NADA.  But, if you want some great books for your kids (or for yourself), give it a try a few times - at night when you're vegging, or while the kids are napping and you want an activity that you can turn your mind off for.  ;)  (Ever have one of those days?  I'm having one as I write this.) 

And now, just so you know that the book at the beginning of this post wasn't a complete fluke, I've included more books I've gotten on amazon.

These children's books are ALL hardcover books...

Otis & Sydney and the Best Birthday Ever
List Price: $16.95, Price I Paid: $1.85
(Got this for my little one's birthday -
which is still several months off -  but it was so cheap!!!)

The Thanksgiving Bowl
List Price: $15.95, Price I Paid: $1.65
(Just ordered this for this coming Thanksgiving -
in SEVEN MONTHS!  Haha!  But seriosuly!  CHEAP!)

Once Upon a Saturday
List Price: $17.99, Price I Paid: $3.77

Little Colt's Palm Sunday
List Price: $14.95, Price I Paid: $1.34
(Ordered this months ago in anticipation of Palm Sunday.
Of course, we read this this past Sunday, which was Palm Sunday.)

Thanksgiving Mice!
List Price: $13.00, Price I Paid: $2.19
(This was a Thanksgiving gift last year.)

Moe McTooth: An Alley Cat's Tale
List Price: $15.00, Price I Paid: $3.82

For Sure! For Sure!
"For Sure! For Sure!" (By Hans Christian Anderson)
List Price: $16.95, Price I Paid: $2.07

The Fourth King: The Story of the Other Wise Man
List Price: $15.99, Price I Paid: $2.08
(This was a Christmas gift last year.)

Unwrapping the Christmas Creche
List Price: $15.00, Price I Paid: $2.00
(This was also a Christmas gift last year.)

Numero Uno
List Price: $17.95, Price I Paid: $2.07
(We love anything that teaches Spanish words!)

God Gave Us You
List Price: $10.99, Price I Paid: $4.40

Jesus Loves Me
List Price: $12.95, Price I Paid: $2.18

Skippyjon Jones, Lost in Spice
List Price: $16.99, Price I Paid: $6.80

Gertie the Goldfish and the Christmas Surprise
(By Naomi Judd)
List Price: $14.99, Price I Paid: $1.30
(This was a Christmas gift last year.)

This Is the Feast
List Price: $17.89, Price I Paid: $1.58
(This was a Thankgiving gift.
It tells the story of the first Thanksgiving.)

Journey, Easter Journey
List Price: $9.99, Price I Paid: $1.30
(This is waiting in my little one's Easter basket as I type this.)  ;)

Read All About It! (Spanish edition): Leer para creer!
(By: Former First Lady Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager)
List Price: $17.99, Price I Paid: $1.40

Mud Tacos
(By Mario Lopez - Yes, AC Slater from "Saved By the Bell") ;)
List Price: $16.99, Price I Paid: $2.60

I've also had great luck doing this same thing with Cookbooks:
The Blue Ribbon Country Cookbook
List Price: $29.99, Price I Paid: $3.39

Barbarians at the Plate : Taming and Feeding the American Family
List Price: $17.95, Price I Paid: $1.44

The Everything Freezer Meals Cookbook (Everything (Cooking))
List Price: $16.95, Price I Paid: $6.38

The Great Southern Food Festival Cookbook: Celebrating Everything from Peaches to Peanuts, Onions to Okra
List Price:$24.99, Price I Paid: $5.99

Southern Living Cookbook: America's Best Home Cooking
List Price: $34.95, Price I Paid: $6.91

So give it a try sometime!  And leave a comment below if you find a great deal!  ;)

God bless!!!  :)

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