Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Join Julep and get over $150 worth of Nail Products for Less Than $30!

OK ladies!  If you read my blog at all you know I LOVE subscription boxes!  They are SUPER FUN!!!  And its seriously like Christmas each month when a fun box arrives at your door!  Well, I have another love - NAIL POLISH!  And now that my little princess is growing older, she loves it too!  So I'm THRILLED to tell you about the awesome deal I just made on julep.com!  Today I got $168 worth of nail polish and nail care for $30! - And that INCLUDED shipping!!!

Maven Style Quiz
(Photo courtesy of julep.com)
So would you like to know how you can do it too?  Its easy!  -
1.) First, use my referral link and fill out the quick, easy Julep Maven Quiz.  Its only a few easy questions and it helps them decide what types of products (besides the great polish, of course) and what colors of nail polish to send you!
2.) Once you've done the quiz, they will show you the products they've picked out for your "Maven Starter Box."  (If you aren't pleased with the items, you can go to the "Join Maven" tab at the top of their page and click on "Style Profiles."  Once there, it will show you all the other options.  Like another option better?  No sweat!  Just order it instead!  Easy peasy!
3.) Once you've added your starter box to your cart, use code FREEBOX to get that starter box for free! You will simply pay $3.99 for shipping!  (This enrolls you in their monthly subscription service.  I'll tell you a little more about it at the bottom of this post.*  But if you change your mind after you receive this box and don't want to continue with the monthly boxes, you can cancel very easily!!!)
4.) Once you've made your Starter Box purchase, you are now a Julep member!  Now you can get the other fabulous items I got with FREE SHIPPING!!!!  :)  Now, go to the "New Arrival" section of their Shop and choose between "Everybody Wins - Holly Would"  and "Everybody Wins - Rita Royale" sets!  Both sets are so adorable!  One set comes with their Oscar (gold glitter) nail polish, Holly nail polish and their Sequin Clutch (measuring 10"x8")!  The other set comes with their Oscar (gold glitter) nail polish, Rita nail polish and their Sequin Clutch.  Choose the set you like best and add it to your cart!  (Its $50, but don't worry!  Its gonna be free when you spend $25!!!
everybody-wins-holly-would-gift-with-purchase-sequin-clutch-julep                                 everybody-wins-rita-royale-gift-with-purchase-sequin-clutch-julep
(Photos courtesy of julep.com)
5.)  Now you just have to spend $25 on something else!  They have TONS of polishes, nail, hand and foot products, lip gloss, etc!  I went right to their Savy Deals section and got lots of AWESOME polishes!  Some were on sale for as low as $2.99 (regularly $14)!!!
6.) Now, once you've added at least $25 to your cart (not counting the Everybody Wins set), you can check out.  Use promo code EVERYBODY and the Everybody Wins set you picked will be free!!! 
So, all together between my 2 orders, I got:
America the Beautiful
Myrtle, Zora and Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum
Classic with a Twist Colors
Oscar, Rita and the Sequin Clutch
(All photos on this post courtesy of julep.com)
 All for less than $30!!!!  10 nail polishes, a $28 cuticle serum, and an awesome clutch!  That's a pretty amazing deal!!!!


  1. Yea so fun. I love my Julep polish. When you get a chance try out the Freedom top coat. It is my goto top coat and I'm always grabbing it when I can get it on a sale. Just be careful Julep polish hoarding can become addictive ;)

    1. Oh girl! Its already addictive! I'm already thinking of what my next purchases will be! LOL!