Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Citrus Lane May 2014 Boxes Review and 50% Off Discount

Our Citrus Lane boxes arrived this week!  Yay!  Once again, they were a huge hit!  Here's what we got...

My 3 year old's box:

She got:
1.) Pop Art Accessories from Creativity for Kids - a cute little craft kit for making your own bracelet and hair clips.  Its cute but I think its a little old for my 3 year old.  She'll be 4 in just a few months, but this says its for kids 5 and up and I think we'll probably wait a little while before we do it.  But we LOVE crafts so it will definitely get done!
2.) Stephen Joseph Turtle Fun Flyer - my daughter is OBSESSED with this!  We haven't had a chance to use it yet, but we definitely will soon!  Its so cute!
3.) Goodbyn Hero box - This is a BRAND NEW product by Goodbyn that is launching through Citrus Lane this month!  In fact, I don't think you can even get it on the Goodbyn site yet!  I LOVE exclusives like that! And we LOVE Goodbyn!  They are so cute, fun, and functional!  Great for prepping lunches ahead or eating on the go!  This container has one large side (big enough for a salad, pasta, a sandwich, etc.) and 2 smaller compartments.  It also comes with 2 Dippers (one big enough to hold salad dressing and the other slightly larger - could hold hummus or cheese slices or apple sauce, etc.)  Its the perfect set for on the go!

4.) Fresh Feet Wipes from Jasmine Seven - These are supposed to be great for after the beach, etc.  That's great since summer is almost here!  We will definitely be putting these in the beach bag!!!
5.) Chocolate Chip Cookies by Back to Nature - These aren't even pictured above because my kid ate them before I could take the pic!  LOL!  I'd say she liked them!

My 15 month old's box:

She got:
1.) Playground Ball by Crocodile Creek - we already got a ball in a previous box, but this is one repeat I'm not upset about.  Now both girls have a ball!  :)

2.) Stacking Cups by Green Toys - This is one of the ONLY Green Toys that we don't already own, so I was thrilled to see it in the box!  And my little one has had tons of fun with this set already!  Plus, it can also be played with in the tub or pool, so its multifunctional!

3.) Snack Container by Goodbyn - These little containers are great!  I love reusable snack bags, but sometimes the diaper bag is so packed the snacks will get crushed.  They won't get crushed in her though!  This set is also perfect for baby food or things like pudding, applesauce, etc!
4.) Fresh Feet Wipes by Jasmine Seven - Another set of Feet Wipes! They'll get used! And they even sent 2 different scents!  One box had grapefruit scented wipes and the other had peppermint!  So we get to try them both!
5.) Honey Graham Sticks by Back to Nature - Snacks are always fun in the boxes!  And my little one LOVES these little sticks!  They are great for my little teether!  And they smell great too!  :)

Once again, great products and lots of fun for the kids!!!  :)

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