Thursday, October 29, 2015

Marty Machowski's Gospel Story Bible Study Aids For Families

Several months ago, I did a review of Marty Machowski's Long Story Short.  This is a fabulous family devotional on the Old Testament!  Today I'd like to introduce you guys to the rest of Mr. Machowski's Gospel Story collection!

Firstly, there's Old Story New.  This is the New Testament follow-up to Long Story Short.  Between the two books, there's more than 150 weeks worth of family devotions!

Just like its predecessor, Old Story New is filled with 10-minute devotions. Its great that the devotions can be done in 10 minutes because, let's face it, life gets busy.  But a 10 minute devotional ensures that you sit down and spend time in God's word together.  Everybody can spare 10 minutes!  (And if you have longer, you can use the discussion questions at the end to continue on with the lesson.)

I would recommend Long Story Short and Old Story New for kids elementary school-aged and up.  But if you've got toddlers, The Gospel Story Bible is a great place to start!

Just like his devotionals, Mr. Machowski uses The Gospel Story Bible to point children to Jesus, but this storybook is designed to grab a young child's attention.  The pages and the illustrations are brightly colored and the stories are just one page long.

And we all know that kids learn better when they learn in more than one way, so Mr. Machowski and New Growth Press have also added 2 Gospel Story coloring books - one for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament.

My oldest daughter always listens better when she has something in her hands.  If I can give her a picture to color or a craft to do, she has much better retention than if I simply tell her to sit down and listen.  And, best of all, the chapter numbers for each coloring page match the chapter numbers for Long Story Short and Old Story New.  But the chapter names in the coloring books also match chapter names in The Gospel Story Bible! So, whether you are using the story book or the devotional, you can use the coloring books too!

You can find all of these resources - and more - at

I received some of these books, free of charge, from New Growth Press, in exchange for my honest review.

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