Thursday, October 29, 2015

"The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New" Book Review

I have to tell you guys, I'm SO EXCITED about this review! You may remember my reviews of Long Story ShortOld Story New, and the other Gospel Story items.  I love Marty Machowski's Bible studies for kids.  He has a way of taking complicated Biblical truths and explaining them so that a child can understand.  And he's done it again in The Ology

This is a theology book for kids!  Who said kids can't learn theology?  Certainly not Marty Machowski!!!  The book is divided into 11 sections: The Ology of God, The Ology of People, The Ology of Sin, The Ology of the Promise and the Law, The Ology of Christ, The Ology of the Holy Spirit, The Ology of Adoption into God's Family, The Ology of Change, The Ology of the Church, The Ology of the End Times, and The Ology of God's Word.  He covers all sorts of subjects like: God Is Everywhere, Sin Always Brings Judgment, Jesus Died In Our Place, and The Bible Is Our Spiritual Food.

The book is simple enough for a 6-9 year old to understand.  For kids 10 and older, there are Scripture references with each lesson that the kids can look up and discussion questions in the "Think Theology Talk Theology" section. And, even though the book was written for kids, its also a great tool for teens and adults who have recently come to know Christ but have no theological background.

The illustrations are lovely and the lessons are short and simple, but the truths are deep and powerful.  And, since Mr. Machowski has added several Scripture references with each lesson, the book is also a great study help.  For example, if you child has a question about angels, you can flip to the lesson on angels, read it, and then look up the verses on angels for more info!  This book is a definite must have!  And for an added bonus, buy the companion music CD, The Ology; Ancient Truths Ever New by Sovereign Grace Music!  We have all of their kids' CDs and purchased this one as soon as it released!  Their music does NOT disappoint!!!

I received a copy of this book, free of charge, from New Growth Press, in exchange for my honest review.

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