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Great Bibles for All Ages! (Multi Bible Review)

I'll admit it.  We own LOTS of Bibles!  Study Bibles, Reference Bibles, Journaling Bibles, Children's Bibles, etc.  I can't get enough!  They each have great information to help us better understand God's Word!  And there are some FANTASTIC new Bibles that have been released recently!  Any of these Bibles would make a great gift for someone you love!  And with Christmas coming, what better gift to give than the gift of God's Word! So let me share some of them with you!

Study Bibles:

1.) American Woman's Bible: Women, Godly Virtues, and the Making of America

This NKJV Study Bible, from Thomas Nelson, is a great resource for any American woman!  Full of interesting information about great women in American history, this Bible will inspire and inform! There are full-color sections on Women of Early America, Women of the American Revolution, Women of the World Wars, Women of the Civil Rights Movement, and much more!  There are one-page biographies of great women, such as Ruth Bell Graham, Fanny Crosby, and Anna Bartlett Warner.  There are also quotes - from great women and about great women - interspersed throughout the Bible.

I would highly recommend this Bible for any American woman, but especially that young woman in your life (teen/college).  Let the young women learn and be inspired by the great women in our past!

2.) NIV Bible for Teen Guys: Building Faith, Wisdom, and Strength

This New International Version study Bible from Zondervan is great for that young man in your family! There are one-page readings from Christian speakers and authors such as Mark Batterson and Max Lucado.  These readings cover topics that are relevant to every young man, such as abstinence, saying you're sorry, obeying authority, forgiveness, peer pressure, and much more!  There are also profiles of many of the great men of the Bible! 

 If you have a young man that you need a gift for, this would be a great one!

3.) NKJV Study Bible: Personal Size

Another great study Bible from Thomas Nelson, this Bible is more of the "traditional" study Bible, complete with footnotes full of great information.  There are also great full-color pictures and illustrations along with notes on Biblical culture.  There are tons of other great little pieces in here. For example, in 2 Chronicles, there's a timeline showing the "spiritual roller coaster" that Judah rides through the book. There's also a note in Mark chapter 1 about biblical baptism.  This note gives the etymology of the word, the definition of the word, and examples of different types of baptisms in the Bible.  

There's a ton to learn in this study Bible!

Journaling Bibles:
I have a love for journaling Bibles!  Whether you are just an avid notetaker, a Bible art journaler, or a fan of coloring, there's a journaling Bible for you!

1.) The Illustrator's Notetaking Bible and the Illustrator's Notetaking Bible for Teens

These two journaling Bibles by B&H Publishing are the best of both worlds!  There are pages for writing or drawing and also several lightly illustrated pages just perfect for colored pencils!  These Bibles have 3 different types of illustrations to color: filigree, Scripture quotes, and illustrations of the Scripture topic for that page.  So there truly is something for everyone!  

If you or your daughter are into Bible art journaling, or if you've just recently become interested, these Bibles are a great way to start!  And if you have a teenage daughter that you'd like to spend more time with, purchase them both and use this as devotional/mother-daughter time! What a great way to connect with your daughter and spend time in God's Word!!!

2.) NIV Holy Bible for Girls: Journal Edition

Another great Bible for that young lady in your life, this journaling Bible by Zondervan is so pretty! Its hardback and comes with an elastic strap.  It also comes in 4 different colors/patterns, so you can really pick one to match the personality of that teen girl in your life!  And there's lots of notetaking room (for devotions, youth group, sermon notes, Bible art journaling, etc.)!  

Encourage your daughter to write down what she learns from God's Word!

3.) The Wonders of Creation Holy Bible: Illustrations to Color and Inspire

Another great Zondervan Bible, this version goes right along with Zondervan's fabulous adult coloring books!  In fact, they have a corresponding Wonders of Creation Coloring Book!!!  The illustrations in this Bible are lovely and perfect for that adult coloring enthusiast in your life!  But they're also simple enough for older children to color!  (I'd recommend this Bible for anyone from upper elementary age to adulthood.) And although these illustrations have that wonderful, intricate design like you often see in the zentangle coloring books, I love that these illustrations are purposeful!  Each one is of an animal or another of God's amazing creations, and each illustration comes with a verse to encourage you to meditate on God's Word!

If you have an adult colorer in your family (And its so popular now, you probably have one even if you don't know it yet!) this Bible would be the perfect gift!  But as I mentioned before, its also a great gift for a young person or a child!  In fact, pick up two and have a little parent/child or grandparent/grandchild time with that awesome kid in your life!

Children's Bibles and Bible Story Books:
1.) The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories and The Beginner's Bible: Holy Bible

If you have young kids, you're probably familiar with the Beginner's Bible by Zondervan!  It's a wonderful children's storybook Bible full of colorful, fun illustrations. This new edition is beautiful and filled with glossy pages!  I love these pages for smaller children!  They're easier to turn and seem less likely to tear!  With large, easy-to-read text, simple stories, and colorful illustrations, this book is perfect for toddlers or beginning readers!

But Zondervan also has an older version - an actual full-text NIrV Bible!  With larger text than the average Bible, and the NIV's "Reader's Version" text, this Bible is great for young readers!  And there are 20 full-color illustrations from the Beginner's Bible to help your child understand what they're reading!  Plus, each book of the Bible has a simple, easy-to-read introduction to explain what the book is about and who wrote it.

Do you have a toddler, preschooler, or an elementary-aged child in your life?  One of these would make the perfect gift!!!

2.) Hidden In My Heart Scripture Memory Bible

Scripture memory is SO IMPORTANT in the Christian life!  And its so important to start them young!  Tyndale Publishers has released a children's Bible aimed at helping us help them with Scripture memorization! There are 100 core verses placed throughout the Bible for your child to memorize.  And since it's often easier to memorize a verse in a different translation, each Bible verse is presented in THREE versions (NLT, NIV, and KJV)!  

Plus, as an added memorization help, Stephen Elkins, the well-known children's author and songwriter, has set the 100 core verses to music!  The downloadable songs are free with the Bible purchase!  (The front inside cover has the web address and a unique download code.)

If you want your child to take an interest in memorizing God's word, get this Bible, download the accompanying songs, and memorize the verses right along with your child!

As I mentioned, there's no greater gift that we can give our loved ones than the gift of God's Word!  So check out some of these awesome Bible versions and considering gifting Bibles for Christmas this year!

I received these Bibles, free of charge, from the publishers in exchange for my honest review,

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