Saturday, March 31, 2012

Galt Play Nest - Product Review

Galt Playnest

I'm starting off the "Moms Need To Know" review section with one of my FAVORITE kids products: the Galt Play Nest! This thing is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I can't say that enough. Its such a simple concept too! You receive what appears to be an inflatable innertube and a cloth cover. You slide the innertube inside the cover - BEFORE YOU BLOW IT UP. Then, you blow it up and VOILA! A play nest!

What's great about this product is that it grows with your child. When your child is just a couple of months old, you just blow the innertube up slightly and lay your child in it. As they get older, you blow it up all the way and it becomes a tool to help your baby as they are learning to sit - no matter which way they fall, they're not gonna fall on anything hard! Once they are old enough to sit, the cover has little toys on it for them to play with. (The picture above it the model that we have. The duck's bill has a squeaker in it, the sheeps' fur is soft to the touch, the bee's wing is a crinkly flap for them to pull on, and the red barn door is a crinkle material that they can open to see the pigs inside.)

Even now, when my daughter is 19 months old, this thing gets used all the time! She can climb in and out of it by herself. She can also use it as a sort or "lounge" to lay in while watching a cartoon or playing with a toy. I will say that the $45 price tag seems a little steep for an innertube with a cloth cover. But when you consider how long they use it... Now, I got mine when it was on sale on amazon. I believe I may have paid $19 or $20! Right now they have the Jungle Version (pictured below) on sale for $22.99 plus free Super Saver Shipping if you spend $25 or more. (Buy the play nest and a book for your child and you have reached the $25 amount & get the free shipping!)

Galt Playnest
They also have a Playnest and Gym version with more to play with, but it costs nearly $100! I wanted to add it to the post, though, for anyone who is interested:
Galt Playnest and Gym (pictured below)

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