Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wuvees - Product Review

Pink Dog Wuvee

OK, OK, so technically, I guess you couldn't really say this item makes my life "easier." But it sure does make my little one happy! :) This is a "Wuvee," and so far I've only found them on amazon. My daughter has 2 - the pink dog pictured above and this cream-colored lamb:

Lamb Wuvee

I don't believe the lamb is currently available on amazon, which is really say because it makes a GREAT Easter present! We put this little lamb in our daughter's Easter basket last year and it was a hit!

I love that these Wuvees are machine washable! - No fancy ribbons, etc that would get messed in the washing machine. I just throw it in with a load of her clothes and VOILA!

The other thing that makes these Wuvees so great is that they are small. My little girl has some "lovees" (a blanket with an animal head) but she doesn't really use them alot. They are heavier, larger and a pain for her to drag around. This "Wuvee" is only about 7 inches tall. And I love that its shaped like a stuffed animal instead of just a blanket with a head. We gave her the pink puppy for her first Christmas (It was a great stocking stuffer!) and the lamb for her first Easter, so she's had the puppy since she was 4 months old and the lamb since she was 9 months old. She's 19 months old now and they have held up very well.

Sometimes my little girl has bad dreams and wakes up crying. If she has trouble getting back to sleep, I will let her lay in bed with us for a little while. Her little lamb ALWAYS comes with her! Its practically glued to her hand when she's in bed.

I'd DEFINITELY recommend these little Wuvees for your little girl or guy! They have lots to choose from - for boys and girls.
Here's a list of the ones that I see on amazon right now:
Pink Puppy
Blue Puppy
Orange and Brown Puppy
Pink Horse
Brown and Cream Horse
Pink Monkey
Brown Monkey
Green Frog
Cream Lamb

Just go to and type in "wuvee" to see all the options. :)
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