Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 2014 Citrus Lane Boxes Review and 50% off Your First Box!!!

And now, finally getting up to date!  Here's my review of the January 2014 Citrus Lane boxes!  This month's boxes actually came almost a week early!  I was so surprised!  Usually I am impatiently waiting for the boxes to arrive and checking the tracking 12 times a day.  But this month, the boxes arrived BEFORE they normally even ship!  It was so exciting to open the door and see this on the doorstep!

41 Month Old Box...

This month's box was not "packed" which was kind of a bummer, but my little one LOVED the products so I'm not complaining!  After all, the point is for her to get some fun things and for us to learn about some new products!  She received the Zig Zag Zebra activity book from Barefoot Books.  This is not just a coloring book its an activity book! Yay!  Lots of fun!  And you can use a coloring/activity book without something to color with, so they sent a set of markers from Faber Castell!  Now I was pleased enough when I opened the box and saw that it was a dozen markers, then I picked them up and they are double-sided!!!  There are actually 24 colors!  How awesome is that!  And because they are double-sided, they are more compact that 24 single markers!  Win-Win!!!!  She also received 3 cutting foods and a wooden "knife" from Plan Toys.  She actually received another set like this a year ago - with different foods!  (I think the only ones that were the same were the oranges!  So now she has 2 oranges, a strawberry, a green apple, a kiwi, and a tomato!  We really love these!  They have velcro attaching them, so you use the wooden knife to "cut" them in half!  How cool!  And they are very well-made!  Lastly, we received some "Upset Tummy" medicine from Mommy's Bliss.  This can be used for tummy ache, car-sickness, etc! That could come in very handy!!!
12 Month Old Box...

Once again, a fun, colorful box!  My little one received another Cleo book from Barefoot Books.  As I mentioned before, we LOVE Barefoot Books!  She also received an owl plate from SkipHop.  These plates are so stinking cute!!!!  And for fun, she received the rainbow car from Plan Toys.  This toy is colorful, flexible, and easy for my little one to grasp!  We also received a travel-sized bottle of Dapple Dish Soap.  I love this safe, chemical-free soap! 

These boxes were particularly colorful!  And my little ones loved them!  :)

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