Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Brave Girls Bible Stories" Book Review

As a blogger/book reviewer, I'm blessed to be able to review a lot of children's bible story books.  I love that - and so do my kids!  Its a lot of fun to get to read a story in different words and see different illustrations.  But most Bible story books have the same stories: Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses, Ruth, the Disciples, Paul, etc.  Those stories are fantastic - and need to be told - but there are others that deserve our attention. Enter Brave Girls Bible Stories.  Its the perfect Bible story book for little girls!!!

As the front cover says, this book is "celebrating great women of the Bible."  And I love that they've included some well-known characters (like Eve, Sarah, Ruth and Esther) and some lesser known Bible women ( like Shiphrah and Puah - the midwifes during the time of Moses' birth, Huldah - a prophetess, and Rhoda - from Acts 12:1-16).

The story book starts with an introduction to the Brave Girls (the same girls in the 2 Brave Girl Bible Studies that I've reviewed before.  They're Hope, Glory, Honor, Gracie, and Faith.  One Brave Girl introduces you to each story.  She gives you "her take" on the story - which usually has a relevant comparison to the everyday life of a kid .  At the end of each story, the Brave Girl sums up the story and gives you a little "moral" that can be learned from the life of that "Brave Girl" of the Bible.  Lastly, they end each story with a short prayer.

This is a great Bible story book for girls!  I just think its wonderful!  I love that my little princesses can learn that women can make a difference, that their life and their story is important to God!  And I love that this book digs deeper than just the "well-known" women of the Bible.  There are lesser known biblical women with stories that deserve to be told.  So if you have a little girl and would like Gerri become a "Brave Girl," then I definitely recommend "Brave Girls Bible Stories."

I received a copy of this book, free of charge, from Thomas Nelson Publishers, in exchange for my my honest review.

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