Thursday, August 21, 2014

NIV "God's Word for the Gardener" Bible Review

One of my favorite items in the world is my Kindle!  I love having hundreds of books at my fingertips!  Its especially great when it comes to different translations of the Bible.  Bible study is so much easier now that I can quickly flip between versions, look at notes, etc. without having to pull 12 books off the bookshelf!

Recently, I received a Kindle version of the NIV God's Word for the Gardener Bible for review.  Now, I will begin by saying that I am NOT a gardener.  In fact, I know nothing about gardening - sadly.  But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy this Bible!  The weekly devotions all have to do with gardening, but they are very simple and easy to read.
 Here's part of a devotional for Psalm 1:
There are so many delightful connections to God's word to be found in His world! Not everything will be in constant bloom and there will be many days filled with hard work - like hauling the sopping wet boys to the car, enduring their shivers and seeing their muddy clothes through the laundry cycle.  Yet the Lord has promised there will be fruit, and it will ripen sweetly.  And as we wait, we will have constant refreshment, only a pebble's plunk away from this vivid scene in mind and heart.  There are waterways of all kinds as we make our way through the landscapes of our lives, with plenty of trees planted along their edge - so that we will never forget that He is watching over our way, delighting is (Psalm 1:2,6). 
The Kindle version is easy to maneuver through - with  an index of each book, plus a chapter by chapter index.  I believe, however, that I would also enjoy an actual copy of the book.

I received a Kindle copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers for my honest review.

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