Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sweet (Food Network Magazine Cookbook) Review

I love receiving review books in the mail, but I nearly did a back flip when this one arrived!  (And if you knew me, you'd know what an AMAZING fete that would have been!)

Sweet, by the editors of Food Network Magazine is an INCREDIBLE book!!!  Here's what I loved:

1.) Its an all-sweets cookbook!  Holla!  Seriously!  What's more fun than making a new sweet treat for family and friends!!!!
2.) Its got chapters.  I love that it divides the sweets into: Cupcakes & Whoopie Pies, Cookies & Bars, Candy & Snacks, Pies & Crumbles, Fake-Out Cakes, Show-Off Cakes, Frozen Treats, and Holiday Desserts

3.) Its got a picture for EVERY RECIPE!!!!   There's nothing that makes a cookbook better (except, of course, for amazing recipes) than great pictures.  Most cookbooks, however, show a picture for every 2-4 recipes.  It never fails!  There's always a recipe that I'd REALLY love to see a picture of that's left out.  Not so with this book!  Its got a picture for EVERY RECIPE!!!!  And the pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!!
4.) It has "twists" on traditional recipes.  In every chapter there's a "Twists" page.  For example, in the first chapter, there's a "Twists on Whoopie Pies" page.  They give you a basic recipe for whoopie pies and then several ways to mix it up and try something new.  There's also a "Twists on Brownies," "Twists on Chocolate Bars," etc.
5.) There are several Fun Projects.  These aren't necessarily "recipes," but they are super fun!  For example, there's a fun project on making Edible trees out of sour tape, gummy spearmint leaves, or gummy dots.

All, in all, I'd say this is a FABULOUS cookbook!  It has recipes for quick, easy treats, like chocolate chip cookies or mini carrot cupcakes.  It also has more difficult, challenging projects, like the Tiki Cocktail Cake or the Steak Frites Cake.  There's something for everyone, beautiful pictures, and lots of fun!  Let the baking commence!!!!

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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