Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Berenstain Bears "God Made You Special" Book Review

My little ones LOVE The Berenstain Bears!  And so do I!  After all, its something I remember fondly from my own childhood.  The first books were written by Jan and Stan Berenstain in 1962, but their son took over full authorship of the series in 2012 - after his mother's death.  Talk about a HUGE legacy to live up to!  But I think he's done a great job!  And "God Made You Special" is no exception!

In keeping with his parents' vision, Mike Berenstain, writes books that teach little one's about biblical and moral concepts that could be confusing.  This particular story is about the Tommy, the nephew of their friends, the Bruins. Tommy is about Brother's age, but he acts more like Honey Bear.  At first, Brother and Sister are confused about why Tommy is so childlike.  But, as they watch him play, they realize that Tommy is sweet and very happy.  He may not play ball the way they do, but with the help of Mama Bear, they realize that God made ALL of us special. They soon see that Tommy's joy is infectious and all the kids play happily together!

This is such an important concept for children to learn.  Everyone is different.  Everyone has things that they struggle with.  Some kids are in wheel chairs, some kids have glasses, some kids are rich, and some are poor.  God created us in all shapes, sizes and colors and gave us all different abilities and talents.  Sometimes we as adults have difficulty with this concept, but children tend to accept it willingly if someone will just explain it to them.  This book does helps parents do that well!

I received a copy of this book, free of charge, from BookLook Bloggers, in exchange for my honest review.

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