Saturday, July 30, 2016

LuLaRoe Clothing Review Featuring Victoria Hartford (Giveaways As Well!)

If you read my blog last week, you saw my first LuLaRoe review!  LuLaRoe is a fabulous, new clothing company that I recently discovered!  It didn't take me long to fall in love!  Today I'd like to bring you a new review and feature a new consultant: Victoria Hartford!

Victoria was kind enough to send me 3 items for review - an Irma top, a pair of leggings, and a Perfect T!  She was extremely easy to work with, fast at replying to facebook messages, and shipped promptly!  (These are all great characteristics in a LuLaRoe consultant!) So let's take a look at some of the items!

First up!  The Perfect T!  I had been wanting to try a perfect t for a while and I wasn't disappointed!  I got a Large (16-20) (because, as you can see, I'm a big girl).

Here's what I like about the Perfect T:
1.) It flares out at the waist.  I love that!  As a large lady who is working on losing weight, I'm always conscious of my big belly.  (Three kids contributed to that, but so did a lot of pizza and Chick-fil-a.  Just sayin'.) But this shirt is roomy! In fact, I think I could possibly go down a size to a Medium (12-18)!
2.) Its super comfy!  Seriously!  If you've never tried LuLaRoe, their clothes are seriously comfy!  Its like wearing pajamas all day long!
3.) The sleeves! I love the length of these sleeves!  I can't explain it, but they're just great.  They're longer than the sleeves on a typical short sleeve shirt - coming almost to the elbow, but not quite.
4.)  Its long enough to wear with leggings!  I LOVE leggings - especially LuLaRoe leggings - but I'm always having difficulty finding cute shirts that are long enough.  The Perfect T is, well, Perfect!  :)

My conclusion!  I love the Perfect T!  I'm definitely getting another one!  But this time I'm trying a Medium!

Next up, an outfit!  A Large Irma shirt and a pair of matching solid, blue leggings!  For the Irma shirt, I got a Large.  For the leggings, I got the TC (Tall & Curvy) size.  I'm gonna just come right out and say it.  When it first arrived, I wasn't sure I liked it.  Loved the blue leggings, but I don't normally do patterned shirts.  I tend to stick with solids and try to blend in as much as possible.  Also, I'm more of a floral print girl than a geometric print girl. But I forced myself to wear it because I wanted to try and stretch myself a bit and come out of my comfort zone.  And guess what!?!  I ended up loving it!  My hubby wasn't sure he liked the pattern at first either, but after a while he was saying, "I really like that on you!"  That's the beauty of LuLaRoe!  With all the different patterns, this line can REALLY stretch you and pull you out of your "wardrobe routine."

Here's what I loved:
1.) LEGGINGS!  - Oh. My. Word.  Seriously, these leggings are SO COMFY!  And I love that LuLaRoe has TONS of patterns to choose from but also has solids!  LuLaRoe fans say their leggings are "like butter" and they aren't kidding!  These babies are SOFT!
2.)  The Irma - Its longer in the back and covers your bottom.  Perfect for leggings!  Because its considered a "tunic" its oversized.  Consultants always suggest you size down 2 sizes.  According to the size chart, I should wear an XL.  If I size down 2 sizes, that would be a Medium.  I just couldn't fathom wearing a Medium.  So I got a large.  And guess what!?!  It was big!!!  Its wonderful and comfy.  Since I received this Irma, I've also gotten a Medium Irma and it fits too!  That's another benefit of LuLaRoe clothing!  You can wear more than one size easily!
3.) Breaking out of my routine - As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't sure about a shirt with a print on it.  I'm much more comfortable with printed leggings and a solid top.  But I wanted to force myself to break out of that rut.  So I wore it. And very quickly I fell in love.  The blue in it is just so pretty!!!  I'm still more of a floral girl than a geometric print girl, but I've discovered that there are other things I need to try!  That's the awesomeness that is LuLaRoe! There are TONS of patterns and prints to choose from!  And you just may try something you never thought you would and end up loving it!  :)

I really loved the clothes I received!  If you're interested in checking out LuLaRoe, you can join Victoria's facebook page at: Shop LuLaRoe Online with Victoria Hartford.
Also, check her out on Instagram @lularoevictoriahartford

I received this clothing, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.

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