Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LuLaRoe Leggings Review, Featuring Tara Norman

You guys, I'm SUPER excited to introduce you to the LuLaRoe clothing line!  I actually have several LuLaRoe reviews lined up, but I wanted to start with their most popular item - LEGGINGS!  I also wanted to introduce you to one of my FAVORITE ladies, who just so happens to be a LLR consultant - Tara Norman!

First, the leggings!  These leggings are described as "buttery soft" and, you guys, IT IS TRUE!  These leggings are SO SOFT!!!  And they are thicker than your average legging!  Not so thick that they're too warm to wear, but thick enough that they feel comfortable and stay up!

Now I'm a big girl. (3 Kids can do that to ya!) And I NEVER thought I'd rock a legging!  But I'm in love with my LuLaRoes!  I have three pairs so far!

Here are some things I love about the LuLaRoe Legging:
1.) They're SUPER comfy and soft!  - Girls, I wore these babies to church with a nice blouse and when I got home I didn't immediately want to change clothes! That NEVER happens!  Normally, as soon as I walk through the door from I'm putting on comfy clothes - usually pajamas!  Haha!  But not this Sunday!  The LLR folks have done a great job of balancing cute clothing with comfort!

2.) They come in 2 sizes!  - If you're a smaller lady, you'll want the OS (One Size) leggings.  They fit ladies sizes 2-12.  If you're more robust (or taller) then you'll want to wear the TC (Tall & Curvy) leggings. (That's what I wear.) They fit ladies sizes 12-22!  Not only do they fit, but even as I lose weight I'll still be able to wear them!

3.) They have something for everyone! - You want a solid color legging?  They've got it!  Something patterned but not "crazy?" They've got it!  Something absolutely WILD?  They've got it!

Now let me introduce you to Tara!  She's a dear friend! (We actually met in Junior High.) She's a great mommy and a great LLR Consultant!  And her page is lots of fun! She has lots of great giveaways. In fact, I won this pair (my very first pair) at one of her giveaways!

You can check Tara's sales page out on Facebook here: LuLaRoe Tara Norman Secret VIP.  You can also find her on instagram @lularoetaranorman.  Join her pages for lots of chances to win awesome stuff, lots of opportunities to shop, and even a chance to earn free clothes (if you have an online or in-home party)!

Stay tuned to my page!  There's more LuLaRoe coming soon!  

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