Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Erin Condren Teacher Planner Review and Discount!

I'm back with another Erin Condren review! You know how much I LOVE all things Erin Condren!!!  This time its her Teacher Planner and, once again, I'm in love!!!  I just started homeschooling this week, and although this planner is set up for a teacher in a public of private school setting, it can also work great for homeschooling with just a few adjustments!  So let me walk you through the planner and show you all the awesomeness.  To begin with, its 9" wide by 11.5" long, so there's plenty of room to keep track of everything. And I love that its coil bound, so it lays flat and is easy to write in.

Inside the front cover is a place for you to write your name and number or school name, etc.  And then there's a colorful title page.  Erin Condren loves color and so do I!

Next there's a great quote about teaching.  Erin Condren loves to add quotes to her planners.  There's also an "all about me" page (not shown because I've written some personal info on it already). Its got a place to write your name, school year, grade, school, address and phone.  There's also a place for access codes, usernames, and passwords.  And finally a place for web resources.  As a homeschool mom, I can definitely use this page to keep track of websites, passwords, and other useful info!

Next up is a place to list classroom volunteers and their contact info and a place to write in field trips.  Although I don't really have classroom volunteers (haha!), the special events and field trips are will be useful!  I may just place decorative Washi tape over the volunteers heading and use both areas for field trips.

Now here is one page that, as a homeschool teacher, I won't need.  But for teachers in a large classroom setting, this is fabulous!!!  Its a "helpful hints for substitutes" page!  There's a place to write the school schedule, info on who to ask if they have a question (reliable students, other teachers, etc.), and even a section on students with special needs!!!

Next is a two page spread of Holidays and Dates to Remember!  It has things like Labor Day and Grandparents Day, but it also has some fabulous dates like E.B. White's birthday (the author of Charlotte's Web).

The next 2 page spread is for birthdays!  I actually may leave this the way it is and use it to write down the birthdays of family members and friends and then also write down more birthdays for famous authors and maybe the "birthdays" of famous books (publishing dates) and the "birthdays" of some favorite movies (release dates) so that we can celebrate.  :)

There's also 6 pages for an absentee log.  I won't need these pages either, but I may use them for something else.  I haven't decided yet.  I'm thinking maybe of using them to write down when we do "extra" work (such as cooking a meal and learning about measurements.  In fact, I may make it a "Home Ec Log" and log when she does housework, cooking, etc.

Next there's several pages of graph paper.  You can use it to create seating charts or chart learning assessment, or just take notes.

The "Year At A Glance" spread is great for long-range planning or goals...

And then there's a section with monthly calendar pages.  It starts with a page for notes and a colorful page with the name of the month on it.  On the notes page, you can keep a list of supplies you will need for that month, crafts and activities you plan on doing, etc.

Then there's a monthly spread.  I use this to keep track of what we've "actually" done each day.  Sometimes we get a little more done than I'd planned for.  And I'm sure there will be days where we get less done than I'd planned on.  So I write down what was actually accomplished in this section.  That way I can compare it to the planner pages if I like.  (And I love that there are no dates in the book!  I actually bought this teacher planner a year ago, but I was able to wait to use it because you just fill in the dates!)

After the monthly spread is a spread of 2 more notes pages for that month.  Again, use it for a list of supplies, activities planned, etc.

And now the best part - the lesson planning pages!!!  I love how colorful they are!  And lots of room to write!  There's room for 7 subjects across the top.  Since I'm only homeschooling one at the moment, there's a plenty of room!  I have 1.) History 2.) Science, 3.) Bible, 4.) Writing/Fine Motor Skills, 5.) Reading/Phonics, 6.) Math, and 7.) Extras (where I write down any extra stuff we do that day - like my little one helping make dinner or her dance class).

After the lesson plan pages, there are several Student Checklist pages.  You can use it to keep track of who has the items they're required to have or who has completed requirements (like getting a permission slip signed) or if you are a homeschool mom like me, you could use it to keep track of books you've read, educational videos watched, etc.

There are also lots of lovely colorful calendar stickers.  Reminder, Progress Reports Due, Testing, Library, Assembly, Staff Meeting, Holiday, etc.

Now, a few of the printed stickers aren't useful for me as a homeschool mom.  I don't have staff meetings, for example.  Haha!  But luckily for me, Erin Condren also threw in 2 full pages of blank stickers!

And now the ever handy, double sided "Keep It Together" folder!  2 pockets equals lots of room to keep necessary papers handy!

You can add a few page protectors to the Teacher Planner as well!  Use them to keep important papers that you need to refer to often - seating charts, school or classroom rules, etc.

And lastly, a little sealable pocket!  Perfect for keeping stamps, stickers, etc!  I keep stickers that say things like "Good Job!" and "A+" on them.

If you'd like to order an Erin Condren Teacher Planner for yourself (or as a gift for a teacher in your life), you can use my referral link if you wish!  When you sign up using this link you'll receive a $10 off coupon in your email!

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