Friday, March 27, 2015

"True Woman 101: Divine Design: An Eight Week Study On BiblicalWomanhood" Book Review

I've preface this review by saying that I'm a bit biased.  I love pretty much ANYTHING that Nancy Leigh DeMoss has written!  She's an incredible writer and has a real gift for teaching God's word to women!  And Mary Kassian is no slouch either!  "True Woman: Divine Design: An Eight Week Study On Biblical Womanhood" is lives up to that standard!

This is a great Bible study on biblical womanhood.  Its a study you could do alone, in a Bible study group, or with your teenage daughters!  Each week has a different topic and five days worth of studies.  I really like that format (as opposed to a seven-day study) because if you miss a day (And let's face it, sometimes things happen.) then you can catch up during the weekend and still be where you're supposed to be on Monday.

Each week starts with a 2-page introduction. It sets up the subject you'll be studying that week.  You can read that on Sunday and start the weekday studies on Monday, or you can just read it on Monday before you start the first day's study.
After the intro, there are 5 weekday studies.  Each study is 4 pages long.  It includes a devotional written by Nancy and Mary, Bible passages (that they have put on the left hand side of the page so that you have everything you need right there), and then some questions that get you thinking about the study and digging deep into God's word.  After the fifth day, there's a "wrap up" page that asks you to ponder what you've learned and journal a bit.  You can either do this on the fifth day or save it for the next day, so really, they've set this Bible study up (including each week's intro and "wrap up" section) so that you can do it in five days or spread it out to seven days (with the intro on Sunday, the studies on Monday through Friday, and the "wrap up" on Saturday.
There are also videos that go with each week's study.  But instead of producing a set of DVDs and selling them to make more money, Nancy and Mary have placed all of the videos (and other helpful info) on their TrueWoman101 website for free!  Simply go to the website and click on the week you are on to watch!  I love that!

If you're looking for a great Bible study on what it means to be a godly woman, this is it!

I received a copy of this book, free of charge, from MPNewsroom, in exchange for my honest review.

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