Friday, March 27, 2015

"Fierce Women" Book Review

I review a lot of religious books and Bible studies. Its one of my favorite types of books to review.  And I've read some ones that were just "OK" and some that were INCREDIBLE.  "Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior," by Kimberly Wagner definitely fits into that second category.

So what are my ideas for an INCREDIBLE Bible study book?  Well, it has to be interesting and not "dry."  Some books are very instructive, but so difficult to read without falling asleep.  "Fierce Women" is not one of those books!  Mrs. Wagner is painfully honest and open about her past failures as a wife.  I found that utterly refreshing.  Its always encouraging to hear a great woman of God say that they have also failed - just like me.  It gives me hope for change!  Mrs. Wagner also shared some stories of women she had counseled.  These stories were also filled with hope for the reader. If these women could overcome their sin, then so can we!
Another requirement for an incredible Bible study book is its teaching ability.  Some books seem to just regurgitate the same biblical information that we've heard over and over. Its hard to see a book like that to the end because you feel like you heard it all before.  Mrs. Wagner's book is wonderfully different!  She lets the reader in on what she has gleaned from several biblical passages and I felt myself learning new things as I read each chapter!
Finally, to me, an incredible Bible study book is one that you think about closing because it "hits too close to home."  If you've had that experience, then you know exactly what I mean.  When you're reading a Bible passage or a Bible study and you feel such deep conviction that you just want to slam the book shut and throw it in the trash.  Well, I had several of those moments while reading "Fierce Women."  I thought quite a few times about just moving on to my next review book.  But I couldn't. And I'm so glad I stuck with it to the end.  If you'd like to read a book that will help you develop into the kind of wife God wants you to be, give this one a try!

I'd like to end this review with a wonderful quote from the end of the book:
"Your purpose - the reason you were created - is to glorify God. Within the marriage model, you are representing the church in submission to Christ. Today - now - your marriage is to serve as a beautiful reflection to the world of the ultimate love relationship, that sacred marriage of the church and the Lamb. The choices you make on a daily basis - walking in humility, honoring your husband's position, gently motivating his spiritual hunger, affirming his masculinity, appreciating him as your husband - these choices are making up the bride's apparel.
What does your marriage look like to the watching world? To your children? Your friends? Are others drawn to Christ by seeing His power displayed in your marriage relationship?
Is the gospel message flowing through your marriage and touching others in life-changing ways?"
I received a copy of this book, free of charge, from MPNewsroom, in exchange for my honest review.

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