Sunday, October 7, 2012

BG Birthing Gown Review

I remember when I gave birth to my first little blessing.  I wasn't really thrilled to be wearing that typical hospital gown that they make you wear.  Its ugly.  Its not super comfy.  And, if you want to get up to walk or go to the restroom, well, you are gonna flash the world!  (Those gowns don't really have great coverage - especially for a pregnant woman!)

I asked my OB if I could wear what I wanted this time.  She told me "yes and no."  The reason they want you to wear those hospital gowns is because they have buttons at the shoulders - in case you need or want to change your gown during labor.  That way they don't have to take your IV, etc. out for you to change your gown.  They also like them opened in the back so that you can easily get an epidural, etc. - if that's what you need or desire.

Thankfully, with this baby, I can have the best of both worlds!  I can wear a SUPER comfy gown of my own while still complying with the medical staff's wishes.  How?  With the BG Birthing Gown!



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The BG Birthing Gown was created by a nurse, so it complies with all those "medical standards."  Instead of snaps at the shoulders, it has velcro - which is actually EASIER to work with!  It is also open in the back.  The difference is that it wraps around to completely cover you!  So if you get up during labor to walk the halls, you won't feel like you are "displaying yourself" to the entire hospital!  Haha!  Now, I was overweight before I got pregnant, unfortunately, so I was worried it wouldn't wrap around far enough.  But this gown wrapped beautifully and covered me completely so that I didn't have to feel immodest or embarrassed!!!

And this gown is SOOOOO soft and comfy!  Its made of a stretchy, jersey fabric, so it really feels like comfy pajamas!  But the best thing about this gown is, because its so comfy and covers you fully, you can wear this during your pregnancy (as maternity pajamas) AND after giving birth (as nursing pajamas)! 

This is the perfect gift for any expectant mother!  Make her feel like a queen when she goes to the hospital or birthing center to give birth!  Give her something stylish and comfy to wear!

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