Monday, October 1, 2012

All-Ett RFID Security Wallet Review

You may remember a review I did about 3 months ago for a company called All-Ett.  All-Ett is a wonderful company that makes "the world's thinnest wallet."  And, their wallets are made in the USA!!!  WooHoo!!!  I loved the wallet I received from them, so I was THRILLED when they contacted me about doing another review!!!

This time, I'm reviewing an incredibly unique and fascinating wallet - the RFID Security Wallet!!! 

Now, you may not know what RFID (Radio-frequency identification) means. Well, its a way of transferring data via a non-contact system that uses radio frequency electromagnetic fields.  Still confused?  That's OK!  Do you have a pet or know someone who does?  Their pet has probably been "micro chipped" so that, if they get lost, they can be identified.  The little microchips that vets use are a type of RFID tag.  Every been in a store when someone tried to shoplift and the alarms went off?  That's becaus the merchandise they tried to steal had an RFID tag on it that set off an alarm.  If you gave birth recently, you may have noticed that your newborn was wearing a little anklet that the nurse said would protect them from being taken from the hospital.  If, heaven forbid, someone tries to kidnap them from the hospital, the alarm will sound.  That's an RFID anklet!  Seem more familiar now? 

OK, this technology sounds pretty amazing right?  So what could the problem be?  Well, just like with every technological advance, there are advantages and disadvantages.  Here's where it gets scary.  Many credit cards now come with an RFID tag.  Your credit card, debit card, even your passport could have one!  All a pickpocket needs is a simple hand-held credit card scanner and a little ingenuity and they can have ALL of your information - steal your money AND your identity!  They don't even have to touch you!  They simply have to get within distance and all of your info belongs to them!!!  SCARY!!!

That's where the RFID Security Wallet comes in handy...

This thin, sleek, leather wallet is made with a special RFID-blocking material that protects your credit card information from electronic hackers!!!  This would be a great gift for anyone! - Or a great gift for yourself!  Protect your personal info - check out the RFID Security Wallet from All-Ett!

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