Thursday, October 25, 2012

California Innovations Diaper Bag and Soft Cooler Review

With a new baby on the way, I am always looking for a "better" diaper bag. - One that holds everything my baby needs.  California Innovations has an incredible diaper bag!  Its called the Ultra Light Hobo Diaper Bag!  So what makes this bag so awesome?  We,  it fits a TON of stuff!!! 

The middle pocket had plenty of room for diapers, wipes, snacks, my wallet, a couple of toys, and extra water bottle and still had room to spare!  There were also several side pockets inside to keep my wallet, diaper rash cream, and other important items easily accessible.  It also has a long pocket on the front that carries even more stuff!

We went to visit the grandparents and I was able to put my little one's toiletries, brush, and several other items in this pocket!  On the back is a similar long pocket that contains a changing pad!  Woohoo!  And this changing pad contains zipper pockets that you can put a small packet of wipe ans a few diapers in so that you have everything you need right there!
There are also 2 side pockets.  One is perfect for all of mom's stuff!  It even contains an attached ring for you to hook your keys (or a spare set of keys) on.  You can also fit your cell phone, iPod, etc. in there...
And lastly, and most awesomely, the other side is an INSULATED pocket!  That's right!  You can put a baby bottle, sippy cup, or water bottle in this pocket and keep it cold!  (And I tried it with my little one's sippy cup.  We went on our trip and about an hour into it my little one began asking for water.  I pulled out the bottle and, lo and behold, it was still cold!  WooHoo!)
I also received a 45 Can Insulated Tote.  It was similar to this one...
This bag is actually an 8 Can Cooler.  The one I received is MUCH larger!  :)
This bag is pretty awesome!  Its a soft canvas bag, so it won't take up a lot of room when its not in use!  It contains a high density thermal insulation as well as Thermo-Flect Radiant Barrier!  Its easy to clean and has a leak proof lining!  And it comes with an extra little pocket in the front to store your keys, wallet, or anything else that you happen to be taking with you!  PRETTY AWESOME!
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