Monday, October 1, 2012

Well Baby Tummy Time Mat Review

As a mom, I love finding new an innovative products for my little one.  Now that I'm expecting my second blessing, I'm finding some awesome products that I wish I'd had with my first!  One of those products is the Well Baby Tummy Time Mat...

Tummy time is an integral part of an infant's development.  It helps build neck and upper body strength and encourage developmental milestones like rolling over and crawling.  Unfortunately, most tummy time mats don't seem to help with these developmental milestones.  Think about it, in order to learn how to crawl, etc., an infant needs a little bit of traction - something they WON'T get on a soft mat made of silky cloth.

The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat is different! This tummy time mat was invented by a pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Dana.  Dr. Dana took into account infant ergonomics, developmental stages, and even proper materials!

"The mat's wavy resistance ribs provide ideal contours for babies to push against with their hands and toes. These are the movements that help babies develop essential skills and strength.  Because the surface of the mat is soft and tactile, babies are interested in grasping and reaching different parts of the mat. This helps promote fine and gross motor strength."

The Tummy Time Mat is also SUPER EASY TO CLEAN!!!  Most mats are made of cloth, which has to be washed every time you little one spits up on it - which, let's face it, could be several times a day!  (I remember placing burp clothes and things all over my baby's mat to try to keep from having to wash it every half hour.)  But this mat is made from an easy to clean, recyclable EVA material.  Simply use a damp cloth to clean it off!  SO EASY!  The material used is also free of PVC, Phalates, BPA and Formaldehydes!  Yes! 

The best part about this mat is that it was invented to make tummy time comfortable and fun for your infant!  I remember how my first little one HATED tummy time!  It was so uncomfortable for her.  I mean, come on, an infant has an adorable little round belly - which makes it difficult for them to lay on their front.  Its just not comfortable.  But this mat has a little raised edge for your little one's chest area to rest on.  Its just large enough to raise them up just a bit.  This gives them more encouragement to use their arms to push up their upper body - which is key for development!  Plus, on those soft, cloth tummy mats, there's no friction!  They have nothing to push against to help them push up, roll over, crawl, etc.!  This tummy time mat changes all of that!!!  Its got great ridges for their hands and feet to push against, which also helps them as they develop skills that will help them be able to crawl!  Its BRILLIANT!

The Well Baby website states:
"Tummy time is an essential activity for all babies and should be started soon after birth. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)s HealthyChildren website recommends 2-3 five minute tummy time sessions in the first few days of life. They recommend the frequency and length of time of the tummy time sessions should increase as your baby grows. We recommend 4-6 ten minute sessions throughout the day for your growing baby. This helps promotes core strength, as well as gross and fine motor skills. Tummy time also decreases the risk of developing flat head syndrom (Plagiocephaly) and wryneck (Torticollis). Research has shown that tummy time activities also contribute to cognitive development. The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat was designed so your baby will be happy during tummy time and obtain all these important benefits."

Lastly, let me just say, this would be an INCREDIBLE baby shower gift!!!!!

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