Friday, October 5, 2012

Witjuti Bamboo Clothing Review

OK, I am SOOO excited about this review!!!!  I've found some FABULOUS maternity/nursing clothes from a wonderful Australian company called Witjuti.  Bare with me a second and let me give you a little quote from their website:
"Witjuti Bamboo Clothing range was created after founder and designer, Banika Smee, was working at home with her new baby boy. After sleepless nights, and being woken up to delivery drivers knocking at the door at 10am to find she was still in her PJ’s and just got out of bed, Banika thought all she wanted was to be able to wear something that did not look like her PJ’s, and still had support and comfort that she needed. She wanted to be able to go straight to the supermarket, do a yoga class, or go for a walk without having to change into uncomfortable clothing, especially after having a caesarean and while breastfeeding!"

I know how she feels!  I think every woman who has had a baby knows that feeling!  I'm feeling it right now - and I'm just a few months pregnant!  But I want to be comfy and yet not look like I'm wearing pajamas all day.  Witjuti has solved that problem for me! 

Banika sent me 3 items to review.  The first item I received was this lovely Singlet Top in black...

"palirika" singlet top with support bra/nursing access

This top is double layered in bust, and has underbust elastic for support. It also has a release clip for nursing access and ease of nursing.  Its great to wear alone or underneath a little cardigan or sweater!

I also received these Roll Top Lounge Pants in taupe...

"kalina" roll top lounge pants
These pants are great and are so comfy!  They have a roll top that I can roll down at the beginning of my pregnancy and after I give birth.  And during the end of my pregnancy I can wear the roll top over my large belly!  :)
Lastly, I received this lovely Long Sleeve Cardigan in black...
"gurnga" long sleeve wrap cardigan
This cardigan is lovely and so soft and comfy!  Its also not too thick, so I don't have to worry about getting too hot in it!  And I love that it covers my sides, but leaves my belly exposed in just whatever shirt I am wearing underneath.  It sort of  "spotlights" my belly - which I love since I'm very happy about the sweet blessing I'm carrying in there!  :)
So what makes these clothes so soft?  Well they are made of bamboo!  If you're unfamiliar with the benefits of bamboo, here are a few:
Bamboo fabric is softer and more breathable than cotton.
Bamboo fabric feels just like silk or cashmere.
Bamboo has natural moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, and anti-odour properties
Bamboo grows quickly, without chemicals, sucks up a lot of carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen than trees, and it does not use up water resources.
Bamboo is grown pesticide free, herbicide free, GMO free
Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, so bamboo garments can be composted.
Bamboo fabric is kind to the skin, especially eczema sufferers and those with sensitive skin. No complaints of any itching or irritation caused by wool or hemp, this is because, bamboo fibres naturally do not have any sharp spurs like these two fibres’.
Bamboo clothing is wrinkle resistant.
Bamboo clothing has Thermo regulating properties making it wearable in every season. It is cool in summers and warm in winters.

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