Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cushy Closer Review

I am so excited about this review!  And the funny thing is, this isn't a "huge" item.  In fact, it could fit in your pocket!  But its SOOOOOO handy!!!  Its called the Cushy Closer!

I remember when my first little one was born.  I was just like most moms - I wanted to check on my newborn angel all the time.  Unfortunately, it was SOOO hard to open that door without the doorknob making that clicking noise.  And, as any mama knows, even that small noise can wake a sleeping baby!  Argh!  So, I'd leave the door open just a crack.  Problem solved, right?  WRONG!  Whenever the AC or Heat came on, the vacuum that it caused would make the door slam shut.  Crying baby again!  ARGH!!!!!!
But this time around I won't have that problem, thanks to the Cushy Closer!  This handy gadget loops over both the inside and outside doorknob and covers the locking mechanism on the door.  Its thin enough that you can still pull the door completely shut (to block out light and sound) but it allows you to enter the room without having to turn the doorknob!  It can also be used on toddler rooms - to help keep your toddler from accidentally locking themselves into their bedroom, bathroom, etc.  And, best of all, if you ever need to shut the door completely, you just slip the Cushy Closer off of one of the doorknobs and let it dangle on the other!  That way, you always know where it is! 
Cushy Closer
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The Cushy Closer makes a great baby shower gift!  Stick it in a cute baby basket along with other necessities.  Its also super easy to travel with!  So, if you are heading out to grandma and grandpa's house, just stick it in the diaper bag!  I DEFINITELY recommend the Cushy Closer!!!!
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