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Citrus Lane March 2014 Boxes Review Plus 50% Off Your First Box!!!

Yay!!!  Our March Citrus Lane boxes arrived 2 days ago!  And I realized that we have been with Citrus Lane for exactly 2 years!  (March of 2012 was our very first box!)  I can't believe its been that long!  And we've received some fabulous products and lots of joy!  My oldest knows when her box arrives and what it looks like now, so she wants to open it immediately.  Its so much fun when the mail lady comes and she says, "Is that my box!?!"  This month's boxes were pretty awesome!

Let's check out what we got!  First, my 3 year old's box...

1.) Memory Game from Petit Collage ($16.00) - This game is made of 80% recycled content and printed with vegetable inks!  I love that!  I also love that its "educational."  It helps build brain development and you can use the pics to teach about different animals!  And the pieces are fairly large and thick, so they are easy for little hands to handle!
2.) Hello Books Princess Castle from Hello Hanna ($9.95) - This super cute sticker book lets your little one build their own story using their imagination!  Once again, a very educational and creative product!  And my little one loves anything involving stickers, so its perfect!
3.) Nail Buddy from me4kidz ($5.25) - We've received the Medi Buddy in past Citrus Lane boxes and love it.  Its a first aid kit in a very small, easy to store case.  Well, the Nail Buddy is just as awesome!  But instead of being filled with first aid supplies, this little kit has 2 kid-safe nail polishes, nail stickers, a nail file, and a nail brush!  Every little girl's dream!  And my little girl has been thrilled with it!
4.) Bamboo Car from Hape ($4.99) - I actually wasn't thrilled to see this in the box.  It didn't interest me, so I didn't think it would interest my little girl.  But what do I know?  She went right for it and has played with it ever since the box arrived!  LOL!  I guess I was wrong.  She was able to get the front tires off and tried to stick them in her mouth.  (Its my fault for not reading the info card provided with my Citrus Lane box.  The card says the wheels come off and aren't safe for children under 3 or those that still put things in their mouth.  My 3 year old doesn't normally stick things in her mouth, but I guess these just looked yummy.  LOL.  But I super glued them on and now they are on there to stay!)
She's wearing some of my Leah nail polish from Julep for Saint Patrick's Day.
She loves this little car!!!

And now for my 13 month old's box...

1.) You Are My Baby book from Chronicle Books ($8.99) - This book is sold by Chronicle Books, but is written and illustrated by the founder of Petit Collage (the company that made my 3 year old's matching game above). It is ADORABLE!!!  And its the perfect book to read when your little one wants to turn the pages!  Its actually 2 books in 1!  The larger book is the mommy animals and the the smaller book (nestled in the bottom left) is the baby animals.  Just precious!!!
2.) Giraffe Push Toy from Hape ($9.99) - These little push toys are adorable!  We got the giraffe, but there's also a zebra, an elephant, and a crocodile.  They are made from solid maple and are finished with child-safe paint!  Very cute!  And perfect for little ones who are just learning how to walk.  My little one isn't walking yet, but maybe this will inspire her. 
3.) Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Weleda ($16.50) - I haven't tried this yet, but I love citrus-scented stuff!  And I've heard great things about Weleda!  This lotion is made from organic ingredients like aloe vera, coconut, and sesame oil!
4.) Medi Buddy from me4kidz ($5.25) - My oldest received a Medi Buddy last year and we LOVE it, so I was thrilled to get another!  They are perfect for throwing in the purse, diaper bag, travel bag, glove compartment, etc!  And they have ADORABLE bandaids (along with other first aid supplies) so little ones really like to wear them.
5.) Plum Organics World Baby Pouch ($2.39) - My little one ate this right up.  I know some people don't like getting food pouches in their boxes, but I like it every once in a while.  (This is the first one we've gotten in a while.)  And I like it because its a good way to let my little girls taste a new flavor before buying a lot of them.

You can receive monthly surprises for your kids as well!!!  Just use this REFERRAL LINK to get 50% off your first box!
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