Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My First Julep Shop Order and PROMO CODE

As you may have seen lately, I'm in love with a subscription box called Julep!  Its mainly a nail polish and nail product subscription, but they also have things like lip gloss, face cleansers, blush, bronzers! 

There are so many things to love about Julep!  First of all, they give you FIVE different boxes to choose from each month!  When you sign up to receive your free box, you'll take a quiz to help determine your style profile.  And I don't know HOW they do it, but so far my style profile has been RIGHT ON!  But what I love about Julep is that they realize a woman doesn't always want to stay within her "style."  Sometimes we want to break free and try new things!  So you are never chained to your style profile.  Each month you'll get four days to see what the boxes look like and decide if you want to keep you style or switch to another!  Or, if you love all of the colors that month and want to splurge, you can purchase the ENTIRE collection!!!!  And because they know that sometimes you may not want any of the colors (its rare, but it happens) they also have a "Modern Beauty" box - which contains only beauty products instead of polish (things like blush, bronzer, cuticle oil, lip gloss, eyeshadow!  They've really made it so easy for you to be happy each month!

Another benefit of joining the Julep monthly subscription is that you get 20% off all full-priced shop orders, special promos and discounts and FREE SHIPPING!!!!  Its really an amazing deal!  And they also have a clearance shop with products as low as $2.99!  Amazing!  So I thought I'd share one of my shop orders with you guys!  I purchased 6 colors - all from the sale section of the shop!  From left to right they are: Gwenyth, America the Beautiful, Popova, Sylvia, Joanna, and Maria.

They are all awesome!  And all 6 of them cost me a little over $25 (they are normally $14 each)!!! 

Now, because I spent $25, I was eligible for a free gift - the Everybody Wins package (that they created in honor of the Oscars)!  I picked the Rita Royale set - that came with their Oscar (gold glitter) nail polish, their Rita nail polish, and a pretty gold sequin clutch!

So pretty!!!!!  I love everything I got!!!  And I love that, since I'm a Julep Maven (subscription holder) I can get free shipping all the time!  Check out Julep for yourself and use my referral link to take the Maven Quiz and discover your style profile!  Then use promo code FREECOLOR to get your first box free!!!!

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