Thursday, March 27, 2014 May Be the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! - Placemat Review and Promo Code!!!

Dear Erin Condren, I love you.  I love your company.  I love your AWESOME blue glasses.  I love your fun Instagram feed.  I love your colorful products.  I may go broke because of you, but I think your website just may be the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! - No offense Disney.  I really love you guys too.  But there's a WHOLE LOTTA HAPPY at!!!  ;)

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OK.  I'm done.  I just had to gush for a moment.  If you've been reading my blog for a while (or keeping up with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest) then you know my love for all things Erin Condren.  I've already reviewed their Life Planner and Address book - both of which are AWESOME, by the way - and I have several other amazing products just waiting to be reviewed!  I've just been trying to space them out so as not to overwhelm you all!  Haha!  But today I received one of their newest products and I just COULDN'T WAIT to review it!!! - The new EC Placemats!!!

They have some really great choices for placemats on their site!  There are personalized placemats, placemats you can color, and the ones that I chose - the "You Are Special" placemats!  I love these!  For $28, you get a set of 25 placemats (its like a notebook where you tear one off).  The best part is the personalization rectangle at the bottom right!  You can write a little note to whoever you are celebrating!

So, where could you use these placemats?  Well, the possibilities are ENDLESS, but here are a few ideas:
1.) Birthdays - celebrate your spouse's birthday or your child's birthday by serving their meal on top of this cute mat!  Write a note that says how much you love them!
2.) Birthday Party, Wedding Shower, Baby Shower - use these to personalize each child or adult's place at the table with their name!
3.) Family Reunion, Holiday Dinner - Use these for reunions, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners!  Write each person's name on theirs!  Or for Thanksgiving, write one thing you love about/are thankful for for each person!
4.) Special Achievements - Dance recital, winning the big game, graduation, job promotion, good report card, or just because!  Celebrate a loved one by giving them the "You Are Special" mat and writing something awesome on it!

And look at the awesome box they come in! always sends their packages in style!!!

If you are new to, you can use my referral link to sign up and you'll get an email with a $10 off promo code to use on your first order!!!  WOOHOO!!!!

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  1. wow- thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful blog post on us, it means alot and we love hearing positive feedback like this! we truly appreciate customers like you and are thrilled you love your adorable planner & placemats. we just pinned your post with your blog URL to our pinterest review board, check it out! enjoy!

    the EC team