Thursday, April 16, 2015

Aurora World Inc. Celestia Unicorn Review

I recently had my third precious baby, and that means its time to think about the first birthday!  Yep.  I'm that mom that starts thinking about that first birthday when my baby is only a few months old!  Haha!  But, in my defense, I shop for presents all year long, so I'm constantly thinking of holidays and birthdays.  I always want to get my little ones something fun and memorable for their first birthday.  Well, I think I've found that great first birthday gift - Celestia the Unicorn from Aurora World Inc.!

This adorable, pink and purple unicorn is part of Aurora's Super Flopsies collection.  And just like the name suggests, its super big, super flopsie, and super cuddly!  Its 28 inches long, so its definitely a gift that will make a statement!

Before I received this adorable unicorn, I was worried that it would be "stiff" and not very cuddly.  Some large stuffed animals are very cute, but not very cuddly.  Celestia, however, is definitely cuddly!  She's easy to hug and snuggle.  Her legs move easily and are not stiff.  I love that!  I want my little princess to be able to hug her unicorn, snuggle with her, sleep with her when she's older, use her as a pillow if she wants!  Celestia fits that bill perfectly!

If you are looking for a lovely, cuddly, cute, snuggly present for that little princess in your life, Celestia the Unicorn is perfect!

Disclosure - Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received product(s) from this company/website, at a discount, for review. I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed in this review are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site.

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