Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Brave Girls: Faithful Friends" Review

"Brave Girls: Faithful Friends" is a wonderful, 90-day devotional for little girls.  If you're the mom of a young girl, this book is definitely worth a look!

Each day's devotion is just 1 or 2 pages long - which is great for young girls.  It's divided into 8 sections:

1.) God Is My Best Friend - This section is about having a relationship with God.  It includes some great devotionals about God's character.  For example, there's a devotion about the Trinity. Miss Gerelds uses a science lesson about the 3 states of water (vapor, liquid, and solid) to explain the this difficult concept.  No matter what form its in (steam, rain, ice) water is still water.  God is also always still God, whether you are referring to the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit.  I thought this was a WONDERFUL way of helping a young child understand.
2.) Bible Friends - This section discusses several Bible characters and what we can learn from their lives.  Characters like Eve, Enoch, Joseph, and Job, teach us the importance of obeying God, trusting God, listening to God, etc.
3.) Critter Chat - This is a really creative section!  Miss Gerelds using different animals to illustrate several life lessons.  Geese teach us about teamwork, sheep teach us about following the Shepherd, and salmon teach us about the strength and determination needed to swim against the stream of this culture.
4.) Friendship Starters - This is a great section on how to be a good friend.  There are devotions on treating others with kindness, being considerate, loving the unloved, etc.
5.) Friendship Fixers - This section gives several scenarios for problems - little girls who aren't acting the way they should.  There are stories about kids who try to impress others by making fun of kids, kids who disobey their parents to prove their parents aren't in charge, and kids who use angry words.
6.) Friends At Home - This is a small section about family - how to treat your siblings and parents, etc.
7.) Quizzing The Night Away - This, just like the name suggests, is a section of quizzes.  There are scenarios with multiple choice answers to help your daughter figure out the right way to handle certain situations.
8.) Friendship Fun Zone - This is a small section with things like a word search game with the Fruit of the Spirit.

This is a great little devotional.  Its set up in a way that makes it great for you to do with your daughter, as it lends itself to great discussions.

I received a copy of this book, free of charge, from BookLook Bloggers, in exchange for my honest review.

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