Monday, April 6, 2015

"Trisha's Table" Book Review

I have to say, I JUMPED at the chance to review Trisha Yearwood's new cookbook!  I love her Food Network show!  She cooks delicious food and always makes it look so easy and fun!  But its not just that I love her show, my four year old daughter loves it too !  In the evenings, while we wait for Daddy to come home from work, we watch The Pioneer Woman and Trisha's Southern Kitchen. Those are two shows that we love to watch together!  I love that!  And I love that watching Trisha's show has given my daughter and interest in cooking!

Now, Trisha's a woman after my own heart.  Like me, she was born and raised in the South, so she loves "good 'ol Southern fare."  But she also realizes that its not always the "healthiest."  For that reason, she written a cookbook based on balance.  She believes in an 80/20 way of eating.  She tries to eat healthy 80% of the time and then let herself splurge 20% of the time.  In that spirit, this cookbook is a mixture of healthy and indulgent recipes.

Here's what I love about this cookbook:
1.) Its FULL of beautiful, colorful photographs! - If you've read any of my other cookbook reviews, you know that a cookbook without pictures is a bummer to me.  Trisha's book is FULL of photos!  There's not a photo for each and every recipe, but nearly!
2.) There's a "Trisha's Tip" for each recipe! - Most recipes have a personal tip of Trisha's.  Some are tips to make cleanup easier, some are tips for easy ingredient substitutions, and some are cooking technique tips.
3.) Each recipe has an introduction! - I love finding out where a recipe came from or how it was created!  I love that Trisha spends a little time telling you who she got a recipe from or who inspired it or why she's made it "healthier."
4.) There are family pictures! - I think its so neat that she's included to some pictures of her family in this book.  It really gives it a personal feel!
5.) The recipes don't take an "Iron Chef!" - Don't get me wrong, these aren't all 3-ingredient recipes, but they are all fairly easy.  A recipe doesn't have to include 26 ingredients and 8 pages of instructions to be delicious.  Trisha gets that!
6.) Its "healthy," but not all healthy! - I've been looking for recipes for eating healthier.  I love that this book is a good balance through.  After all, I'm not giving up chocolate chip cookies.  I'm just NOT.  If you're looking for a cookbook with great balance, check this one out!

I received a copy of this book, free of charge, from Blogging For Books, in exchange for my honest review.

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