Thursday, April 16, 2015

Architec Housewares Review

I've done a review of Architec Housewares on my blog before and, I have to say, I love their beautiful products!!!!  I'm a huge fan of fun, colorful, well-made kitchen products, and Architec Housewares definitely fits the bill!  The wonderful folks at Architec were kind enough to send me several more items for review!!!

To start with, let me explain that Architec Housewares has a few product lines.  First of all, there's their Architec Line.  From this line, they sent me their Kids Cutting Board Plates, their Holdbowl Mixing Bowl, and their Smart Scrubbies.

These Kids Cutting Boards are great for lunch and snacks! Slice up the fruit and serve it right there!  No need to mess up a cutting board AND a plate!  Or let your child use it to learn how to chop fruits and veggies - once they are old enough!  The Holdbowl is great as well!  Its very lightweight, so its easy to use.  Plus, the easy grip handle and the spout make it easy to pour the batter into your baking pans!  And how cute are the veggie and fruit scrubbies!  You have to clean your produce.  You might as well have some fun doing it!

Architec Housewares also has a product line called EcoSmart.  I love the rainbow colors of these products!!!  From this product line the fabulous folks at Architec sent me their Purelast Prep Cups, their Bamboo Cooking Tool SetPurelast Pinch & Condiment Cups, their Purelast Measuring Cups and Purelast Measuring Spoons.

(The picture also shows the Purelast Mixing Bowls Set
from a Previous Review.)

The Prep Cups and Pinch & Condiments cups are both made of natural materials.  The Bamboo Cooking Set is, of course, made of bamboo.  And the Measuring Cups and Spoons are also made from recycled bamboo fiber!  Their products are foodsafe (of course), formaldehyde-free, and BPA-free! This products are so lovely and so well made!!!  I love that the measuring cups feel very sturdy.  And I also love that, besides the normal 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup measurements, there's also a 2/3 and 3/4 cup measurements!

Disclosure - Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received product(s) from this company/website, at a discount, for review. I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed in this review are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site.

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