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Citrus Lane May 2013 Boxes Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

WooHoo!!!!  Our May Citrus Lane boxes just arrived and I couldn't be happier!!!  I decided to go ahead and take pictures and do the review while the girls are sleeping, because when they wake up there's going to be some SERIOUS playing going on!  (And I will be joining it!  Haha!)

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Let me start out with the Infant Box...


This box was so amazing!  Here's what my infant got:
1.) Bear Takes A Trip book from Barefoot Books ($6.99) - We've gotten another one of these Bear books before.  I think it was "Bear On A Bike."  We love them!  They are cute, colorful, fun, and sturdy!  Hopefully Citrus Lane will continue sending these!  I'd love to have the whole set!  (I think there are 9 in all.

2.) Green Toys Baby Keys ($7.99) - If you read my blog regularly, you know how CRAZY we are for Green Toys!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE Green Toys! We were first introduced to this incredible company through Citrus Lane (nearly a year ago) and we've added a lot to our Green Toys collection since then.  This is one of their newest items and I've been wanting these adorable keys for my baby!  But I held off buying them because I had a feeling they would appear in a Citrus Lane box.  (Oh, and do you want to know the best thing about Green Toys products?  They are DISHWASHER SAFE!!!!  Just throw these keys in the dishwasher get them clean!  WooHoo!!!

3.) Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water ($12.49) - We received one of these in a box several months ago (before our little one was born) and let me just tell you, this stuff is AWESOME!!!!  Not only does it help relieve colic and gas, but its also great on hiccups!  I was thrilled to get another one since the first one we got is almost gone.
4.) Travel Size Dapple Bottle and Dish Liquid ($1.99) - Dapple makes great, natural cleaning products!  And this Bottle and Dish Liquid is free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, 1,4-dioxane & dyes, which is amazing!
5.) Mommy Hook ($7.99 at - This was a little Mother's Day gift for me in the box.  Citrus Lane does mommy gifts sometimes and this is a really handy one!  Can't wait to use it! 
That's a $37.45 value! All for $25!!!
And now for the Toddler Box...
This box was also amazing!  Here's what my toddler got:
1.) We All Go Traveling By book and CD from Barefoot Books ($9.99) -  My toddler has received one of these books with a CD from Barefoot Books before and she LOVED it!  I was thrilled to see another one!  These books are fun and colorful and my daughter just LOVES to watch the CD and read along!

2.) Happy Munchies Fruit Crisps from Happy Family - My daughter loves receiving snacks in her CL boxes. She's already eaten half of the bag.

3.) Green Toys Pizza Set - Green Toys made the set especially for Citrus Lane.  Its a smaller set than the one on their website.  The one on their site has 27 pieces and cost $27.99.  The one we received in our Citrus Lane box has 21 pieces, so I don't know how much it's worth, but I'd say its worth at LEAST $15, possibly $20!  The set we received has 4 pizza slices, 16 toppings, and an order pad so she can take orders!  That's an amazing toy to receive in a subscription box!!!

4.) Meyer Lemon Moravian Cookies - These were a special Mother's Day gift for me and I LOVED them!  I love lemon cookies, and these were so yummy!  (I've been eating them while my kids nap.  Haha!)
Now, since the Pizza Set was a special set made for Citrus Lane subscribers, I'm not sure how much this box is worth.  I'd say its worth somewhere between $30 and $40 though!
Once again, we were very pleased with this month's boxes! 

You can receive monthly surprises for your kids as well!!! Just use this REFERRAL LINK to get 50% off your first box!
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